Arc 0
Chapter Count 9
Date started
21 October 2017
Date finished
7 November 2017
Arc Guide
PRT: Department Sixty-Four

Glow-worm is a series of transitional chapters bridging between Worm and its sequel, written as Parahumans Online threads and chat logs. They are intended not to be required reading, but rather to give insights into certain characters. - [1]



  • Wildbow has written an extended chapter-by-chapter synopsis of Glow-worm on Reddit.
  • Due to the title of Glow-worm, some speculated that Worm's sequel would be called 'Glow,' which turned out not to be the case.[2]
    • Subsequent arc titles did continue the light theme


  1. Arc 0: Glow-worm
    The Glow-worm chapters were a teaser event leading up to Worm 2. They aren’t required reading but offer flavor and additional angles by which to view certain characters. They take the form of forum posts, chat conversations and emails. They’re best described as a kind of a post-Worm-epilogue, pseudo-Ward-prologue bridge between the series. - Ward Table of Contents
  2. Wildbow on Reddit

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