Glenn Chambers is the Parahuman Response Teams head of Image. He handled both public perception and relations for PRT heroes, both The Protectorate and The Wards. These duties not only included how heroes presented themselves in the field and public appearances (e.g. interviews), but also merchandising.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is noticeably obese, his clothing unflattering, and hair normally in a style disconnected with his overall appearance, "not quite cut into a mohawk, but gelled into something resembling one." He wore rectangle-framed glasses that highlighted his perpetual squint, a result of long eyelashes.[1][2]

Chambers does not appear personally invested in his own image, despite handling the perception of PRT heroes. This is calculated on his part.

This seeming lack of control speaks to a high degree of control on his part.


Chambers is seen as physically unattractive, yet had the capability to draw people around him with his charisma. These were mostly college students who sought a career in marketing, but were still swept into Chamber's own casual narcissism and self-delusions.[3]

Weaver compared his behavior to Skidmark constantly seeking to shape public perception.[4]



Saw the new hero as a needed force and went out of his way to protect and educate her.[5]



Long time worker in the image field.


Released Weaver's camera footage of the Behemoth fight, in order to promote Chevalier's new Protectorate and support Weaver as a harbinger of change. Helped Weaver avoid losing her spot on the Wards and being returned to prison by giving her advice on how to proceed after the battle with Behemoth, and again shortly after by advocating for her in the subsequent meeting with the directors. Ensured that he took the fall for releasing the video and was fired as a consequence.[6]

Months later he was called by Weaver when she was first going on public television.[7] He was already starting his own private company.


Presumably tried to adapt to the private sector.

Gold MorningEdit

Worked with Quinn Calle to get parahumans into the fight.[8]


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