Gleaming 9.3
Date posted 28 August 2018
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Gleaming 9.3 is the third chapter of Gleaming. Team Breakthrough plans with Goddess; Amy and Victoria talk, Chris leaves, Capricorn becomes Byron and fights Victoria, making her really aware that she’s been seriously Mastered.


The chapter opens with the team adjusting to being under Goddess' rule. Amy continues trying to talk with her sister but Victoria still resists even talking to her.

Amy and Bianca argue. Bianca tries to use breakthrough to net a huge group of supporters.

Chris showcases critical thinking skills that makes him very valuable to goddess. Tristan switches back to Byron.

Byron proves to be unaffected by Goddess. He gets into a scuffle with Victoria and ends up pleading with her while in a headlock.

Info comes in through the wire about the Major Malfunctions have found out about a crooked guard working in the position.

Byron and victoria head over.


  • In a feature of the Authors writing the subjective narritive shifts to showcase the effect of the Master Effect.



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