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Date posted 6 January 2018
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Glare 3.1 is the first chapter of Glare. Auld acquaintances meet again, Victoria debriefs and plans a training session with new team.


Victoria makes her way through New Brockton noting the resemblance and differences to its namesake. She sits at a cafe bar and waits for her contact to phone.

Tattletale shows up with a parahuman bodyguard and some curiously trained birds.Tt and Vicky talk and banter and get on like cats and dogs. Tattletale outlines her position in and about things.

Tattletale says goodbye to victoria and her hidden friend. Victoria briefly panics thinking that this means the wretch but calms down. After Tt leaves Kenzies camera drone pops up. The pari flies back

Later that day Victoria reviews the footage, edited for privacy reasons, with the heroes. She answers questions, runs through the entire recording, then tells everyone to get ready for a mock battle.

Major EventsEdit

  • Victoria meets with Tattletale for the first time since Gold Morning.


  • In keeping with the authors style Tattletale's previously endearing personality is turned on a viewpoint character, an unpleasant experience.
  • It is unknown how biased Victoria's assessment of Tattletale's new Tt costume is.


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