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Ciara, known publically as Glaistig Uaine (pronounced “glash-tig ooanya”),[6] The Faerie Queen and later as Valkyrie, is a former Birdcage cell block leader and a current headliner of The Wardens.


Glaistig Uaine believes parahuman abilities to be the product of "faerie" magic.[7]

Glaistig claimed that parahumans themselves were "dreams" of the faerie,[7] or "roles" they put on,[8] and claimed to be a faerie herself - their Queen. She habitually addressed parahumans as if they were still going to be alive in 300 years.[7] She viewed Scion as a parent-like figure, father and audience all in one.[8][2] She was shocked when he showed human emotions.[2] She referred to unpowered humans as "props", albeit living ones.[8]

When she was angry, her voice would resonate more strongly.[2] She reacted with anger toward those who challenged her delusions.[7] If someone tried to tell her she was human, she would kill them.[2]

Although she was well known to be delusional, it didn't meaningfully impair her abilities as a strategist, and her pronouncements were usually accurate. Many of her beliefs were based on the visions her powers granted her.[7] She claimed that there were a few faerie who would operate before and after the "act", who were "noble" - "The champion, the high priest, the observer, the shaper, the demesnes-keeper", the "Queen Administrator", and herself - the Faerie Queen.[8] The rest would sleep during a long, long journey.[2] She identified the faerie as having two "courts", but one of them had "arrived to the stage bedraggled, maddened". The high priest, she claimed, had arrived too early and without instructions, wearing the wrong costume.[8]

She was aware of Cauldron's Clairvoyant, and reluctant to discuss anything about them in detail.[8]

She was impressed by the artistry of Marquis' and Panacea's faeries, and recognized that they were "kin"; she stated that she would only deal with Panacea as an equal.[7] Much like how she dealt with Taylor.

Ciara wanted to become "more human", although she didn't expect to ever become entirely normal - merely "parahuman".

She identified her projections as "warriors", rather than "mere shadows".

Ciara still getting accustomed to her new, less childish body.

She had difficulty suppressing the sensory aspects of her power, which upsets her. She felt uncomfortable around large groups of people. She was receiving lessons to help her speak normally, but it remained difficult, and she worried that slipping into her old manner of speech might turn heads.

She felt more relaxed in the presence of delusional parahumans like Nilbog.[2]


She chooses to remain a young child, seemingly in her early teens.[2][7] She usually speaks with a chorus of dozens of broken voices,[7] although she can vary how strong the effect is, from over a hundred voices down to just her own. She speaks in an affected, archaic manner.[2]

Her hair is blonde and her eyes green.[2]

In the Birdcage, she wore a blackened prison uniform modified into a shroud.[8][7] However, she was able to use two of her shadows to transform it into other clothing once she left, seemingly at will.[8]

In battle, she wore a cloak and robe that glittered green and black, "as though it were made up of thousands of scales the size of grains of sand".[8]

After Gold Morning, she briefly wore a look that emphasized her young appearance - a lacy skirt and top with braided hair.[2]

She appeared nineteen years old, half again as tall as she had been, with long hair worn in a thick braid.[2]

She wore armor and carried a shield and sickle, both created by one of her ghosts. The costume was gold and sky blue, featuring a short skirt edged with gold chains, worn over tight knee-length trousers. It featured a mask that pressed to her cheekbones and forehead.[2] It is heavy enough to cast shadows on the upper half of her face.

The costume featured massive luminous wings.[9] Ciara also sometimes adds glowing effects to her eyes.

She is still adds ghost-echoes to her speach from time to time.[10]

From the vision Antares saw in the Firmament about the future, Titan Valkyrie's appearance seems to be a combination of her Glaistig Uaine and Valkyrie personas. She is described as shadowy and wrapped in a cloak of black and jade, with a a winged helmet that showed only shadows beneath the helmet "face". She was large enough to be able to hold a standing adult person within her cupped hands.[11]

Abilities and Powers[]

Ciara referred to herself as "the Keeper of the Dead".[2]

Death Touch and Collection[]

If desired, Ciara can collect imprints of parahumans using a touch-based ability on their body, killing the person in the process.[12][13] On one occasion, she killed a mercenary by touching the crystal shell he enclosed around himself[14] right before he could escape.[15][16]

Ciara can also seemingly collect imprints of parahumans who die within a unknown range of her, as she was shown to have had Bakuda and Grue in her collection despite not being in their immediate vicinity around the time of their deaths to touch them.[17][18] However, she can avoid collecting a nearby deceased parahuman.[19] It is implied by Ms. Yamada that Ciara had the ability to steal powers even before her second trigger,[3] so what the exact changes to her power were before and after her second trigger are unknown.

Control of Parahuman Shadows[]

At any one time, she can have the parahumans she has ‘claimed’ manifest as ghostly specters, complete with the ability to physically affect the world and use their powers; she normally limits herself to two or three, but can maintain more than that at the cost of significantly reduced individual power.[20][21][7][22][23][24] They are seemingly limited to her immediate presence,[25][26][27] and she seems to be able to create multiple copies of a ghost, as it is inferred that she made two ghosts of Bakuda simultaneously to create bombs.[28]

Capes she manifests appear as duplicates of their former selves with exaggerated, caricatured or blended features. Their powers are unaltered.[8][2] They slowly regenerated after being destroyed or injured in a fight.[2] They appear transparent and shadowy but otherwise solid[8] and can interact normally with the physical world;[20] projections that are dismissed dissolve into smoke or shadow[2] or collapse into a point in her hand "like an explosion in reverse".[8] They were affected normally by gravity unless she levitated them with another power.[27]

When they try to speak, their voices sound faint and incoherent to others, as if were emulating language rather than actually uttering it,[8] they can speak in voices only Ciara can understand,[2] although later shadows are able to speak coherently enough to be understood by bystanders. Ciara can communicate with currently inactive spirits and partially aware of their emotions and desires. The shadows maintain their original personality and some degree of agency, although it somewhat wears off with time in the same way as their appearance. The recently collected imprints are even able to defy Ciara's wishes, although she expect them to submit later.[29]

She draws power from her dormant shards, and feeds her active projections with that power. Even when they are not visible, she still has three projections "active".[7]

illustration by CNJLC

By the end of Worm, she has absorbed the powers of countless capes, including Eidolon. With Eidolon's ghost increasing the number of powers she can wield at once from three to five, and several more if Eidolon's powers are weaken by him using too many powers or Ciara summoning too many phantoms, she is now indisputably the most powerful parahuman in existence. Even before his death, Eidolon himself speculated that she had grown to surpass him in power. However, as of Ward, she seems reluctant to use Eidolon, stating his "battery is almost empty", and that recharging it would be "more trouble than it was worth". She was able to escape Khepri's control by forcing her to control one of her spirits instead of herself, possibly using that spirit's power.[30][31]

As the Titan Valkyrie, her power limitations have been removed. She can spawn a much greater number of ghosts at once and have them leave her immediate prescence, with the limit on both being unknown. She also has the power to make a ghost of Eidolon, something she could not do before.[11]

Power Vision[]

Ciara possesses a secondary Thinker power, much like Chevalier and Ingenue, that allows her to recognize the carriers of other shards and see phantom images surrounding the empowered, but it is way more sensitive, including ability to sense distant parahumans through walls and at great distances.[2] She is capable of recognizing the details of how individual powers work by analyzing their phantoms.[24]



Ms. Yamada believed that Ciara triggered at a very young age. She speculated that she was isolated both before and after her trigger, "surviving purely by your own methods", and at some point experienced a second trigger event that led to her powers eclipsing her personality. Ms. Yamada speculates that the cause was either stealing the wrong power, fighting someone and losing, or Ciara finding herself in a bad situation.[3]

When Glaistig Uaine's ability to harvest and use the powers of any recently deceased parahuman she had come in contact with became known, it evoked panic among the cape community. Multiple teams sent after her failed, with thirty-two capes fatally claimed by Glaistig Uaine, then an armed force of fifty parahumans was assigned, they retreated, thirteen of them having been claimed, "everything" was reportedly sent after her and only then did Glaistig Uaine willing enter the Birdcage.[22]

Glaistig Uaine's most notable accomplishment at this time was permanently killing Gray Boy, something which was thought to be impossible due to his power resurrecting him whenever he died. Glaistig's ability to steal the powers of the recently deceased stopped Gray Boy from resurrecting. After this, she attacked the King's Men and killed Athrwys, before turning herself in to the authorities.

Her killing of Gray Boy was orchestrated by Contessa to allow Cauldron to eliminate Gray Boy while still keeping his power in play for use against their true enemy.[32]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

As the leader of Cell Block C Glaistig Uaine welcomed Amelia to the Birdcage.

Gold Morning[]

She was later shown having conversations with Eidolon about parahuman shards and Scion. She spoke cryptically and indicated that she intended for Scion to win the coming conflict. She referred to Eidolon as the "High Priest".

Glastaig Uaine began helping in the fight against Scion during the oil-rig battle in order to "force him back to sleep".[33] Liberal application of Gray Boy's power allowed her to effectively stall him, as every time Scion was trapped in a time loop he had to expend effort to break free.[27]

A major contribution to the battle was her hinting Eidolon that he could drain the energy of other parahuman's shards to re-charge his own powers. Most notably, it allowed him to use the Matter Eraser, a power that had been unavailable to him since before the emergence of Behemoth, as well as a slew of other lethal powers so effective in combination with Glaistig Uaine's defensive abilities Scion had to resort to Path to Victory to defeat the pair.[21][34]

Eidolon's death at Scion's hands allowed her to harvest his shard,[35] making her the most powerful parahuman in history. She was shown to be able to resist being mastered by Khepri. She accomplished this by shunting Khepri's control from herself to one of her conjured parahuman ghosts.[36] Over the course of Khepri's fight against Scion, she also claimed Doormaker, still able to use his power despite Khepri depleting it earlier.[37]

After Khepri's victory against Scion, Glaistig Uaine was able to "convince" her to leave the dimension without incident and liberate her swarm, or so it seemed to others.[38]

Post-Gold Morning[]

After events she wound up taking a therapy with Jessica Yamada, who got her to reexamine her life.[2]

Ciara presented herself to the world as Valkyrie to the grumbling of the other heroes.

Later she went to the basement of the Warden HQ where she met with Rinke and Riley. This interaction gave her an idea of what to do with her Flock.


Two years after Gold Morning,[39] Valkyrie was known as a "rising star" in the Wardens. An interview with her was posted online and discussed on Parahumans Online, where she deflected questions regarding her former identity.[1]


As a member of the Wardens and a new hero she was still considered one of the group's key members, and has her own statue in HQs lobby.[40]

She was present at the briefing when the team of new heroes gave their presentation about the viability of an assault on the Mathers compound.[41]

Post-Fallen Fall[]

At this point she had already amassed a group of resurrected parahumans, although something prevents her from continuing to pursue this path.[24]

Survived the portal sabotage, but was very busy since then.[42] Valkyrie was sent on many high-tier missions, including dealing with the Tower, a dog with powers, an army of ghosts, and a warzone full of powered warlords. She was able to find the stranded Warden personnel.[24]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Valkyrie decided to produce more of The Flock to bolster anti-Teacher operation.[43]

During the Wardens' assault on Teacher's base she was depowered and cornered by Ingenue, with her Flock attempting to protect her.[44]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Valkyrie allowed more freedom to the members of The Flock, and started introducing them to their friends and relatives,[45] while still keeping the core team near herself.[46]

The Ice Breaks[]

She led the The Flock against Titan Auger. Before she was able to do anything substantial Auger recognized her and summoned Axehead, which ambushed Valkyrie and thrown her into the thick of Machine Army. She had to be saved by Grue yet again.[47]

Fell victim to the second Ice Break and became a Titan, leading to her Flock being scattered.[48]

As a part of agreement between Contessa and Antares Titan Valkyrie delivered Riley Davis, the parahuman plague, and the remainder of remote cape-volunteers to The Wardens' HQ.[49]

Chapter Appearances[]

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