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Date posted 21 June 2011
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Gestation 1.4 is the fourth chapter of Gestation. The Bug Girl, caught outside unable to contact the authorities swarms the ABB and Lung with her bugs. Lung incenerates them and swells, he hears her trying to flee.


Taylor Hebert, on her first outing as a hero, discovers Lung and some members of his gang on their way to kill children. She doesn't have a phone with her to contact the heroes (she makes a mental note to bring one with her next time) and she decides she can't stand by and do nothing. Her only option is to attack. She commands her swarm of bugs to attack Lung and his minions, keeping her more venomous bugs in reserve to avoid killing her targets. Lung uses his pyrokinetic ability to attack the swarm with fire and defend himself.

Taylor sends her reserve bugs to attack Lung, reasoning that his ability to regenerate will help him fight off the venom they will inject. They attack his most vulnerable areas (mainly the face and crotch). He uses a rolling detonation of flame to wipe out the bugs in his immediate vicinity, setting fire to his clothes, several pieces of litter and one of his gang members. She attacks again with wasps and bees to his eyes, which succeeds in partially blinding him.

Lung continues to grow bigger and stronger, and he sets himself on fire from head to toe to protect himself against further attacks from the bugs. With no hope of winning and having let the rest of Lung's gang in no shape to commit any crimes that night, she decides to retreat and inform the authorities.

The moment she places her foot in the gravel of the roof, Lung whirls to face her. She realizes, belatedly, that his powers include superhuman hearing.

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  • This is the first time we see Taylor's tactics by trying to take out Lung violently before he can transform.
    • She also feels a "sadistic glee" when attacking Lung.


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