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Date posted 18 June 2011
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Gestation 1.3 is the third chapter of Gestation. Unnamed hero-girl’s first night in costume, looking for trouble and finding the Azn Bad Boys. She overhears their leader, Lung, ordering them to get ready to kill kids.


Taylor heads out on her first night in costume, a little after midnight on Sunday. She had prepared her costume over the course of the weekend, buying the final pieces and dying it gray and black. Fully outfitted, she ventures into the poverty-stricken Docks' in the northeast of Brockton Bay. Vagrants, squatters, prostitutes and gang members live here, and she avoids them as she patrols the area, looking for trouble.

She finds what she's looking for - she sees a collection of gangsters from the ABB, or 'Azn Bad Boys' and Lung gathering outside a store. Feeling curious and a little spooked at the idea of crossing paths with Lung, Taylor opts to find a safer vantage point to listen in. She climbs a fire escape and crosses the rooftop until she is directly above them, and listens in.

Lung is giving orders to his people in his accented voice, and Taylor is horrified - he's talking about murdering kids.


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  • A good portion of the chapter provides information on Brockton Bay and its history; the collapsed industry and how it was briefly run by supervillains who wanted to capitalize on the wealth of the higher-end districts and the number of unemployed who would be willing to be henchmen and mooks.
  • Taylor Hebert leaves with an unfinished costume in this chapter and it remains unfinished until it's replaced with a new costume later.[1]
    • Most notable is the opening on the back of her head that lets her hair out.


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