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Date posted 14 June 2011
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Gestation 1.2 is the second chapter of Gestation. Traveling home; musings of former friend Emma, the juice ruined Taylor’s superhero notes; preparations for her future career. Introduction of costume, decision to become superhero.


Taylor heads home on the bus, thinking about her previous friendship with Emma, one of her bullies. Investigating her belongings, she finds that the mess the bullies made extends to her notebook with all of her research and notes on her superhero career.

Disappointed and depressed she's nonetheless relieved to be at home and out of the way of the bullies. She showers to clean herself off and contemplates what she should do. Deciding on a plan of action, she heads into the basement and resumes the ongoing work on her costume. She gives a detailed explanation of how the costume was made using real spider silk, with a strength on par with steel, and a lightweight, flexible fabric.

With the destruction of her notebook, Taylor reveals the decision she made in the shower: She's adjusting her timetable so she will start her superhero career in a matter of days, not weeks.

Major EventsEdit

  • Taylor is going out as a superhero tonight!


Brockton Bay


  • Taylor Hebert mentions Emma Barnes cutting off their friendship after a summer camp. It's later revealed that this is when Emma learned about Sophia Hess's powers.[1]
  • Spider silk's strength comes from nanothreads created by a spiders biochemistry, there is a wide degrees of different strengths based on species.[2][3]


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