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Gestation cover art by wolfofragnarok

Arc 1
Chapter Count 7
Word Count 17,471
Date started
11 June 2011
Date finished
July 2, 2011
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Gestation is the first story arc of the Worm series; followed by Insinuation. Taylor is introduced, the setting is established, and her first night as a hero is shown.


This arc follows Taylor Hebert's decision to become a hero after an incident at her school and her first night out.

She meets villains like Lung and the Undersiders: heroes like Armsmaster. She almost dies and has a lot to think about.

Her father hears her come home and keeps to himself.


Story Impact[]

  • Several important characters are introduced such as Taylor Hebert, Lung, the Undersiders and Armsmaster, along with the concepts of Capes, Heroes and Villains.
  • Taylor is bullied at school by a trio of girls; Emma, Sophia and Madison.
    • She summons a swarm of insects to the girl's toilets as a result but overcomes her desire for retaliation and disperses the swarm.
    • Emma is revealed to have formerly been Taylor's best friend.
  • Taylor has been working on creating her own hero costume using genuine spider silk harvested from black widow spiders.
  • Taylor battles Lung and several members of the Azn Bad Boys after overhearing their plot to kill children.
    • She succeeds in defeating Lung after the intervention of the Undersiders, a group of teenage villains.
    • The Undersiders mistake Taylor for a fellow villain and leave, and Taylor realizes that the Undersiders were the group of "children" that Lung planned to kill.
  • Taylor meets Armsmaster for the first time, and after declining his invitation to join the Wards, gives permission for him to take credit for the defeat of Lung.
  • A TV documentary covers information about the first appearance of Scion in 1982 and the emergence of heroes and villains in the following years.
  • Danny hears his daughter come back home late at night and decides to speak with her in the morning.


First Appearance[]

The characters who have appeared for the first time in Worm, in this arc are:

First Mentioned[]

The characters who have been mentioned for the first time in Worm, in this arc are:

Battles & Events[]

Battles & Events


  • Gestation commonly means the developing period of an embryo before the organism is ready to be birthed, hatched, crawl to the mother's pouch etc.
    • Here it relates to the first formative experience of Taylor's cape career and how who she meets will effect her in the times that follow.
  • The arc was partially adapted into a comic by ElianeDeFortuny.

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