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Jess, known publicly as Genesis, is a member of the Travelers.


Skitter guessed that Jess is lonely based on her expressions [2]. She further noted that Jess did not seem like a very good actor.[3]

With the help of her friends and hobbies, Jess was able to compartmentalize her life, helping her get through the day. However, when she gained her powers, the walls she used to support herself became unstable, the lines between fantasy violence and boring reality were blurred.[4]


Jess is described as an average-looking, wheelchair-bound girl with a mop of auburn hair.[5] Her legs were thin, atrophied as a result of how long she'd been in the wheelchair.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Jesse's power is tied to sleep and activity. When she wakes up after being asleep she has no 'charge' with which to summon her construct. She must remain awake for a while to "recharge" her ability.[6][2]

To actually create and summon her construct she has to fall asleep, creating a new body and controlling it while her own body sleeps. The new bodies can take many forms and possess powers of their own, but using her power is easier the more "biologically stable" the body she makes is.[7] Stable in this case means creating a form that could reasonably exist, with functional biological functions and similar,[8] forms outside of real world biology, while more useful, are consequently weaker.[7]

Once she activates her power, she has a set amount of time to visualize the form she wants to use, complete with any organs or mechanisms to allow for special abilities. Failure to include vital organs means her power will drain her reserves, while other forms may lack the ability to move properly if she doesn't pay attention to limbs and the like.[2] It takes her at least two minutes to produce a new form.[9] Her creations faded when she woke up.[2] The time lag from switching over forms means that if the situation changes fast enough she can come to a conflict with the wrong tools, impacting her usefulness at times.[10]

Demonstrated Forms

A "triceratops-bull-cyborg thing" that could charge through doors.[11]

A "lady knight in shining armor" that could handle men with guns.[11]

An eight-foot-tall muscular figure like a gargoyle, demon or dragon, with four talons, pebble-like scales, and a short tail. Flies using broad bat wings sprouting from the shoulders. It could breathe out dark smoke that caused coughing even if invisible traces of it were inhaled.[1]

A normal-looking girl with auburn hair, freckles, and thick glasses.[12]

Lovechild of a scorpian and a stegosaurus, armored with a powerfull metasoma topped with a dangerous thagomizer.[9]

A "blend between a slug and a rabbit." Two bulbous eyes, two tentacles or floppy ears and a body that hugged the ground. Water flowed up and to the sides of the slug, and small mouth jetted streams of it at the fires of a building near her. Used for firefighting.[2]

A "crude rendering of a man" used to carry her real body.[2]

A form similar to Bitch's dogs, used as a mount for Trickster and Regent.[13]

A grotesquely obese, yellow-skinned "caricature of a sumo wrestler", with eyes like black buttons, translucent and oily skin, and no hair, clothes, or other features. Items pressed into the belly or put into the mouth became trapped inside, but can be hauled out.[13]

A griffon/pterodactyl with both arms and wings, capable of hitting Crawler with a car and dropping large pieces of rubble on him. No legs, face is "gargoyle-like".[14]

A ghostly woman wreathed with chains, with white, "smoky" hair that covered her face and talons for hands. She had no lower body extending from the tattered poncho-style cloak she wore, and floated as though she were as light as air. Strong enough to shatter plywood.[15]

A giant woman’s face carved out of bone, surrounded by long, thin, branching tentacles. Tough, good for multitasking.[16]

A creature "like a bison with wings, but her back had a bowl-shaped depression, and she had stubby little legs and antennae." Able to fly and carry Trickster in the basin on her back.[16]

A giant image of Eden.[17]



She was in a wheelchair since she was four.[2] Jess was a member of a professional-level video game team on Earth Aleph. When the Simurgh attacked Madison, WI on Earth Bet, she took several buildings from Earth Aleph - including the building Jess was in - which left her stranded on Earth Bet with her friends. After Francis found a suitcase full of Cauldron superhero serum, they each took one except for Noelle and Oliver who only took half a dose.

Story Start[]

She traveled to Brockton Bay with the rest of the Travelers.

She assisted in the villainous team up agains Lung and the ABB. She was deployed with Trickster and Tattletale. Tattletale was able to intuit her power.[11]


Fought alongside the Undersiders against the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Genesis provided assistance in guarding Skitter's territory but was not able to stop Mannequin's retalitory strike.[9] She later tried to put out the fires when Burnscar showed up to tag in.

Used a specialized form to capture Shatterbird.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Dealt with the members of the Dragonflight, though several of her forms were shot by a sub orbital laser model, this was likely the Astaroth-Nidhug.


Returned to Earth Aleph, she did not seem to keep in contact with her former friends.

Gold Morning[]

She was requisitioned for the final push and would create a giant image of the Counterpart to break the spirit of The Warrior.[17]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
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6. Speck 30.6 Appears
7. Speck 30.7 Absent



"A world that was awesome in the truer sense of the word, greater in so many respects. In a metaphorical sense, the peaks were higher, the valleys lower, works of art more artful, extremes more… extreme. It wasn't a good thing. Make the mountains twice as tall and the chasms twice as deep, and things start crumbling." - Jess to her team members.[19]


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