Gavel is a former vigilante[3] imprisoned in the Birdcage. He acts as a leader of one of the cell blocks.[1]


Gavel is sadistic: He uses his power to force his target to fly through air until they hit something, at which point they were pulverized.[2] He also targeted the families, particularly spouses and children, of his victims to break them mentally.[6] Taylor calls him both ruthless and a monster.[3] He is extremely tenacious, walking through heavy attacks and taking Scion's attack directly to the face and throat.[7]


Gavel is an extremely big, extremely broad-shouldered man.[8] On his release from the Birdcage, he has a shaggy beard and wears prison sweats with ‘Baumann Parahuman Containment Center’ written across the shoulders,[6] but he has taken care of his personal appearance when he appears in the second battle against Scion.[8] Here, has his beard cut into two perfectly straight lines that meet at a sharp 90-degree point at the chin, while his hair had been buzzed, flat at the top.[8] His outfit consists of a skintight black shirt without sleeves, heavy canvas pants, and heavy boots. He wears a mask that covers only his forehead, eyes and nose.[8]

He wields a solid steel hammer equal to his own size, with sharp lines and a pole seemingly too big to wrap one's hands around. Taylor estimates it to be equal to three or four times his own weight.[8]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gavel's defensive potential is extremely high, to the point that Wildbow refers to him as someone who can't be killed.[9] His power makes it so he can only take so much damage at a time, and reduced the severity of any damage to a set amount. As such, shooting him with a hail of bullets would be little different from shooting him with one or two bullets, and any given bullet would only gouge out a teaspoon's worth of flesh.[7] Gavel's defense is strong enough to take hits from Scion,[10] lasting for one or two minutes against him.[3]

That said, Gavel's power is not without weak points: he is relatively vulnerable to beam attacks, as a steady stream of attacks could whittle him down,[7] and he can be taken down by attacks that ignore defenses, such as Flechette's.[9]

Offensively, Gavel has the ability to lift objects three to four times his own weight,[8] and to imbue melee weapons with both his durability[10] and with vast impact,[4] strong enough to knock down Scion into a fifteen feet long furrow.[11] He can also transfer his defensive power from his weapon to his target, making the target near-invulnerable as it flies through the air. The target will then be pulverized when it hits something else. Gavel can chose not to imbue the target when hitting them, simply killing them instead.[2]

Taylor compares Gavel's power to that of Excalibur’s scabbard,[7] which provides King Arthur with protection from blood loss and severe wounds while he wears it.[12]



Gavel was a ruthless vigilante[3] who operated in Australia[2] in the time before the code and the three strike rule.[6] He would announce his intentions publicly, listing his victim's crimes and swearing vengeance before going after them.[2] In addition to targeting his victims, Gavel also targeted families, particularly spouses and children, as to break his enemies mentally.[6] The general population lost patience with his mission when a villain threatened to detonate a small bomb and Gavel called their bluff, causing many deaths as a consequence, while Gavel survived the attack.[6] His actions would lead to him being imprisoned in the Birdcage, where he became a cell block leader.[1]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

As a cell block leader, Gavel attends the meeting where Marquis introduces Panacea. He argues with Marquis about a woman staying in the men's wing without a lover, although Marquis dismisses his complaints.[1]

Gold MorningEdit

Together with other prisoners, Gavel is released from the Birdcage during Scion's rampage.[6] During the battle at the rig, Galvanate empowers Gavel and other already durable capes with his own brand of invincibility, although the result of this boost is not seen by Taylor.[13]

During a later confrontation with Scion, Gavel steps into battle to block a shot meant for Vista, Kid Win and Tattletale with his hammer, drawing Scion's ire.[10] Scion attacks Gavel with a beam, but Gavel is able to close into melee range, touching Scion's face.[7] Gavel uses his hammer to knock Scion into a fifteen feet furrow and continues with follow-up attacks, although each attack fails to harm Scion and grows less effective as Scion adapts to the attack.[11][14] Scion jams a hand into Gavel largest wound, and disintegrates Gavel from the inside. Scion then returns to targeting Kid Win, Vista and others.[3]

In total, Gavel lasts one or two minutes against Scion.[3] After his death, he is claimed by Glaistig Uaine, who continues to use his power, but with little effect.[14]


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    We needed time. Time for Lung. Time for the Simurgh to find her window of opportunity, time for reinforcements…

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    Which was interesting. Maybe. A beam was what I would have used to deal with Gavel. His power made it so he could only take so much damage at a time, and reduced the severity of any damage to a set amount. Shooting him with a hail of bullets would be little different from shooting him with one or two bullets, and any given bullet would only gouge out a teaspoon of flesh.

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    He was supposed to be the source of powers. It made sense that he’d know the particulars about them.

    It was a scary thought.

    Gavel got close enough to reach out and fumble, putting a hand on Scion’s face, two fingers finding Scion’s eye sockets.

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    It wasn’t hurting him, but it was an inconvenience, and that was something good in my books.

    I could feel the hot blood seeping through my costume, running over my shoulders and down my front. My back was already sticky with it. Probably not good for my flight pack. Rachel was running through the crowd, shoving anyone that wasn’t actively fighting to get them out of her way.

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