Gary Nieves was a political organizer and mayoral candidate of The City on Earth Gimel.[1]


Nieves was skeptical of parahumans and viewed them negatively, as "wolves" that unpowered humans were trapped with.[2] He opposed having parahumans in any position of power over unpowered humans.[3] He also advocated for an organized resettlement of Earth Bet as a major part of his political platform. [4] Nieves had an extreme distaste for authority figures who were not capable of competent leadership.[5]


Nieves participated in several informal meetings with the other mayoral candidates, including Jeanne Wynn and Sierra Kiley. At one meeting, he met with the representatives from Earth Cheit, where he was skeptical of Cheit's arrangement to supply Earth Gimel in exchange for "goodwill"[6]. After quitting the mayoral race, he was still willing to work with Mortari and with John Druck's organized labor in order to maintain the portal network.[7]


Nieves was middle-aged and portly.[8]



As a mayoral candidate, Nieves participated in the informal governance of The City, attending meetings three to five days a week.[9]. He eventually withdrew from the meetings, and from the mayoral race, rather than work with Jeanne Wynn.[10]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

After withdrawing from the mayoral race, he concentrated on staffing the Earth Bet portal with his followers, totaling twenty to thirty percent of the workforce there. He still intended to try recolonizing Earth Bet.[11]

Nieves was present when the Gimel-Bet portal was attacked by unknown militants, which killed many of the workers and refugees.[12]. After Dragon and Defiant thwarted the attack, he criticized both them and the Shepherds for their handling of the situation.[13]

A few days after the attack, Nieves was approached by Erwin Daeyoung, who offered him evidence that his fellow mayoral candidates Jeanne Wynn and Sierra Kiley were both associates of Tattletale.[14] Daeyoung attempted to recruit him on behalf of an unknown faction, proposing that Gimel.US should become a client state rather than being ruled by parahuman criminals.[15] The result of this recruitment attempt remains to be seen.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

He continued collecting evidence, and eventually outed mayor Wynn as parahuman to the public, as well as provided some evidence of parahuman nature of Shin and Cheit rulers.[16]

Following the Teacher's defeat by The Wardens, terror-attack on mayor Wynn and call to evacuate The City, Nieves brought Dinah to Wardens.[17] During the meeting it was revealed that he lost control over anti-parahuman faction.[18]


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    “Who are you thinking of?” Gary asked.

    “Nobody. That would be a decision for you to make without my input. If I told you one or the other, you would think I’m working on their behalf. There are options. It’s an idea that takes some getting used to, but if you’re thinking you’d like to go home… perhaps a middle-ground solution would be to open communications and borders with a world that has hints of our old amenities and culture.” - Interlude; Gary
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