Gambol the Vandal was an occupant of the parahuman prison, and a member of Coalbelcher's gang.


Gambol's limbs are each six feet long, and end in what is described as 'a mutated lifeform, like a headless dog or ape with its own limbs that served as Gambols digits'. He has backwards knee joints, giving him a digitigrade gait that lets him cover a lot of ground very quickly.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

His size and unique body allow Gambol to run at high speeds.

He claims that if he does not get enough exercise, his power will kill him.



Post-Fallen fallEdit

Gambol was a prisoner in a prison for parahumans.

He was seriously injured in a confrontation with the prison guards, and then healed by Scapegoat.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Gambol was later seen on Earth Shin with fellow ex-cons.[2]


  • Gambol comes from french slang, meaning 'to trip up'.


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