Kay, known publicly as Furcate, is a young member of Team Reach.


Kay was a young kid with a grandmother's taste in sweets. She seemed initially shy and somewhat defensive about her transition.[2] However, Kay seemed to be comfortable partying and dancing with others.[3] She cared deeply about their teammates' well-being.[4]

Kay had a semi-objective diagnostic system where she would work out who would stay after using her power. The criteria were based on physical well being, then mental well-being, and the progression of her transition.[5] A tiebreaker exists based on the aforementioned candy.[1] With her second chance Furcate expanded her ratings system.[6] She's very happy to be alive.[7]



Women who raised Kay, she still thought of her fondly.[1] Not explicitly stated to be her mother.

Tristan and Byron VeraEdit

Kay got on well with both of the Vera twins. She gave a piece of candy and a hug to Byron following a busy week for Team Reach.[4] Byron noted when Kay settled on a duplicate with a low mental health score, prepared to comfort her if need be.[8]

Kay and Tristan were close, with Kay comforting him following Byron's supposed death.[9] Tristan considered her an ally, though not someone he could open up with.[10] Nevertheless, Tristan almost confessed to Kay before stopping himself, afraid of hurting her.[11] He had a affectionate nickname for Kay, azúcar, meaning sugar.[12][6]


Due to Moonsong's prejudices, Furcate's relationship with her was strained. Tristan called Moonsong out for "[making] Furcate more miserable than anyone"; at one point, Tristan noticed Kay crying once after talking to Brianna.[13][14] Kay disliked Brianna and was generally distrustful of her.[15]

Following Furcate's death during Gold Morning, Moonsong stated that she had respected Furcate, despite their tense relationship.[16] Moonsong alleges she held and comforted Furcate as she died, but she nevertheless misgendered her even after her death.[17] With Kay's revival Moonsong has improved somewhat.[18]


Furcate generally wore a cat-themed costume featuring a cat-eared mask and various chain links, as well as clawed gauntlets that she could use for attacking.[19] Due to her power, her costume regularly changes; on one occasion, Furcate had a duplicate who wore long-bladed gloves and a narrower mask that resembled a fox.[20]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Furcate is a specialized duplicator that can create one to three instances of herself, who each act independently of the others.[21] They have slightly different personalities and physical differences that can provide other benefits based on the separation.[20] A minor drawback is an imperfect memory, accurate in the broad strokes but she can mess up with some details.[22] They seem to have some degree of shared awareness.[23]

When separated the Furcates need to decide who 'stays' and who 'goes', possibly meaning they draw down on their reserves for remaining separated and not choosing a possible Furcate to 'substantiate'.[24]


Very fond of flanking with the person she trusts implicitly.[25]



Given Furcate's master power, she had a trigger that likely involved some form of isolation.

The TimeskipEdit

She joined Team Reach not too long before Capricorn.[26] Kay got on well with both of the Vera twins; they attended a party for young heroes.[27] She was one of the capes targeted by the villain Paris, and later helped confront Paris with the rest of Team Reach.[28] She was later at the fake mission that Reach planned in order to free Byron.[29]

Gold MorningEdit

Furcate chose to stay and fight during Gold Morning.[16] Moonsong kept her company as they died.[17]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Furcate was sent to reinforce the assault on Teachers base, having been resurrected by Valkyrie and becoming a member of her Flock. She met with Capricorn brothers there. She was handling her resurrection better than most, still had not completely forgiven Tristan and was happy to reunite with Byron.[6]

The Ice BreaksEdit

She was seen with Moonsong and The Shepherds during the fight with Fortuna's titans.[30]

Furcate assisted Shepherds in removing the Nemean Titan from the battlefield. Her clones were spared from following through with a suicide attack by Sveta.[23]

One of Furcate clones was killed by Skadi, while Shepherds were evacuating a civilian squad from the Shardspace.[31]


  • The word 'furcate' is an archaic version of 'fork' or 'branch'.
  • Kay initially used they/them pronouns, intending to begin using she/her pronouns further on in her transition.[2]
    • The Youth Guard had stepped in to ensure that they were treated well.[32]
    • Following their resurrection Furcate was comfortable with being called "her".
  • Dedicated fans have created a rap for Furcate.[33]


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