Fragile One is the name by which Victoria Dallon refers to her shard.


The Wretch is a much newer shard than a lot of its ilk. It refers to itself as a 'waste' of shards, having been created as a conglomerate of several other shards.


Victoria DallonEdit

The Wretch has a very positive view of Victoria as a host, wanting desperately to help her achieve her full potential. Victoria has a complicated view of her passenger, but grows more in sync with it as time progresses.


Within the Shardspace, the Wretch appeared as a figure of "glass, gold, and glory". It is a fragile shell with nothing within, constantly radiating out light that has a sort of substance to it.[1]

To Chevalier's shard-vision she appears as the light-made copy of Victoria Dallon.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Wretch has granted Victoria a Mover power in the form of flight, a Shaker/Master power in the form of an emotion effecting aura, and a Brute power in the form of a forcefield.

While fighting another shard within the shardspace, the Wretch showcased an ability similar to Victoria's forcefield. When hit by the other shard, it shattered instantly, but was back seconds later.



The Wretch was created by a mixture of the shards of Brandish, Manpower,[3][4] and Gallant.[5] It granted Victoria abilities when she experienced her trigger event at a basketball game.


After Victoria was healed by Amy, the Wretch was unable to return her forcefield to being skintight as it had previously been, as the local Shard Hub had been destroyed.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

When Victoria entered the Shardspace, the Wretch fought off another shard in order to protect her.

After Victoria left the Shardspace, Fragile One was finally able to tune in the forcefield and its controls. It made a great impression on Victoria.


  • Fans of the story affectionately refer to Victoria's shard as 'The Waste', due to its self-defeating nature and comparisons to waste.


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    He nodded. “Like you, but made of light, smiling as much as you’re not.” - Excerpt from Last 20.7
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