Foxtrot is a new hero that has a love of bad names.


Sarcastic and condescending, she is easily amused by the wide variety of bad names that capes use for their identities.

Her lax attitude toward information hygiene was a known factor.[1] Still she is professional in dangerous situations.[2] It is unknown how much of the stereotypical mover mindset she shares.



Allegedly her boyfriend.[3] Their personalites are contrary but likely complimentary.[4]


Wears a eye catching red costume with matching grinning fox mask with her hair in a side ponytail.[5] Her sleeve is decorated with her team symbol and veteran armband.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Foxtrot is a pseudo-teleporter. She is able to cover great distances but she does not disappear while she is doing this. It is more like space warping. There seems to be a Thinker/Stranger component or a lot of practice to her repositioning, since it quickly and reliably provides her with advantageous angle on her target.[6]

She is able to appear within buildings provided one of her targets is there.[7] She usually relies on allies to get around people.



Possibly had a history as a mercenary or even a villain before being a hero.[3]

Gold MorningEdit

Given her choice to wear an armband she presumably participated.[5]


Was part of the Kings group that entered Cedar Point to harass the villains there.[8]

She was initially held wholly responsible for the info leak that led to the Advance Guard visiting Cedar Point.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Took part in Breakthrough's retaliation when villains broke the Unwritten Rules.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

She was present during the assembly of the second team aiming for Teacher's stronghold.[9]


  • Foxtrot is a basic dance with a long history.
  • Foxtrot is part of the NATO alphabet.


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