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Foresight is a hero team active after Gold Morning.

Modus operandi[]

Foresight strives to move forward by assisting the 'little guys', tackling special issues, and by taking action in a calculated way.

They aim to do this by providing support to the megalopolis and police by way of patrols and events. They make strategic strikes on priority targets weekly.[1][2][3][4]


The team seems to have a big proportion of thinkers, including 'lie detection' types.[5]

Warden Response[]

They are an affiliated team with Warden support, and are presumably working with the larger hero organization to deal with long term problems.[6]

Foresight has a strong aesthetic running through their costumes including: a mask or helmet design where each of the members of the team lacks eyeholes, paneled body armor and loose fabric elsewhere, iconography worked into the panels.

Described as "... ninjas from movies, with the mix of lightweight costumes and armor, but without the Eastern style."

Their team symbol is a stylized eye, sans pupil, with an exaggerated ‘4’ struck out in bold lines that extends well past the curved lines of the eye.[3]




Formed from progressive members.

Early Ward[]

The Wardens aimed to use Foresight to oversee the political processes of Gimel.US[8]

Cedar Point falls into the appointed zone of responsibility of Foresight, but they were too preoccupied with other activities to act there. Victoria managed to broker a deal for her team to assist there.[9]

Post-Fallen fall[]

Continued cooperation with the newcomers.[10]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Some unspecified members were present during the Wardens attempt to stop March from reaching the Brockton Bay time-bubbles.[11]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Assisted in arresting Copse.

Foresight tried to recruit Ratcatcher and Big Picture, but neither seemed to be a fit for the team. However, this was actually a result of Teacher intervening and screwing up their chances.

Assisted in arresting Orchard.[12]

Foresight became a cornerstone for the Wardens counter-Teacher operation.[7]

The Ice Breaks[]

The Foresight was present during the rally at the Wardens HQ.[13]

Presumably, they were busy with another Titan, but eventually they reinforced the group of heroes that were fighting titans Eve and Oberon.[14]

Were present at the anti-Simurgh rally,[15] and the following up battles.[16]

Foresight helped the Wardens to spread the Victoria's plague, with Crystalclear, Ratcatcher and Typhlosis receiving it from Victoria herself.[17]


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