Floret is a former villain who has supposedly turned over a new leaf.


Undoubtedly intelligent she enjoys challenges and mentally sparring.[citation needed]


Floret is a petite woman with carefully layered bright pink hair with green roots. Her costume is made of metal ‘leaves’ and leaves little to the imagination.[1][2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Floret creates buds that unfold into complex crystalline shapes based on a timer or upon impact with a target. Despite being no longer than a foot, her buds have a large tool box of potential uses, with abilities like bonding to surfaces, setting touched things on fire, canceling out chemical reactions, and messing with Tinker devices.

She also has an enhanced awareness and processing ability regarding fine detail, essentially a pericog like Tattletale,[3] giving her abilities such as being able to track Weaver's swarm.[2]

Along with the other Las Vegas Protectorate capes, she knows a special sign language that lets her silently pass information to her teammates.[4]



As a teenager, Floret was a subpar lockpick for villainous heist teams, creating fake keys and keycards with cloned magnetic strips. She eventually joined the Vegas team, which had the planning and teamwork to let her power truly shine.[2]


Floret was present along with her teammates when their team leader Pretender was being escorted away by The Protectorate.[5]

Was there when Contessa freed Pretender from the Protectorate in Las Vegas.

She defected along with the other members of the Las Vegas Protectorate before New Delhi.[6]

Gold MorningEdit

A Satyrical clone of Floret guarded the entrance to Cauldron's base.[1] The real Floret and her teammates tried to stop Weaver's group from entering the base when Scion was attacking it during Gold Morning.[7] In the ensuing fight, Floret used her powers to encase Weaver's nano-thorn knife in crystal, rendering it useless, and Weaver attacked her with insects.[4]


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    As a teenager, she’d had a career as a roving lockpick for villain heist teams, creating keys and fake keycards with cloned magnetic strips, to varying degrees of failure. It was only when she joined the Vegas team that she found others with the degree of forethought, planning and teamwork that could let her power truly shine.

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