A map of PRT departments in the US, with quarantine zones in red.

Flint is the largest city and seat of Genesee County, Michigan, that became the fifth designated PRT Quarantine Zone in the United States.

History Edit

At some point before the start of Worm, a cape appeared that made people in their vicinity develop Corona Pollentias and trigger. They created a villain group, but the group turned against them and literally carved the cape up while making sure they were kept alive. The gang members then took their 'pounds of flesh' to develop powers in select victims, force-inducting them into their villain group.

Presumably, the situation is still dangerous enough to warrant an ongoing Quarantine Site up until Gold Morning.[1]

For unknown reasons, the situation in Flint was redacted from PRT files. It, likely, was a Cauldron-made decision, to prevent formation of infection hypothesis for triggers, which would inevitably lead to moral panic and witch-hunts.


  1. “We don’t know about Flint. Nobody knows about Flint.”

    “Between Dragon and Jeanne Wynn, I got access to almost everything and there were details in there. A cape popped up who made a lot of people in their vicinity develop coronas and trigger. They’d organized a villain group put together from as many of their triggers as they could, and that villain group had mutinied, deciding to slay the goose that laid the golden eggs, cut it open, and see if they could find what ticked.”

    “Oh. I see where this is going.”

    “Not even that metaphorically a carving up of the golden goose. They cut the cape up, each member of the villain organization took a literal pound of flesh. With a lot of members, it was a lot of pounds of flesh. Teeth, eyes, ears, limbs. Everything taken with care, to keep the cape alive just in case it was important. And they’d scattered, and they’d gone after victims to force-induct into their fucked up villain group.”

    “I remember them. Didn’t know about the, er, what, pound of flesh placed near the victim? Induced triggering?”

    “Or fed to them along with the forced trigger situations. I don’t know. But it worked for at least a few years.”

    “But that’s before our time. The dark decade after the Siberian murdered Hero,” she said. - Excerpt from Sundown 17.9

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