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Mark Dallon, known publicly as Flashbang is the husband of Carol Dallon, father of Victoria Dallon, adoptive father of Amy Dallon. Member of New Wave.


Mark suffers from clinical depression, though he is in treatment. He is noted to improve markedly after taking medication but does chronically forget to take it.[2][3][4] Which leads to him regularly feeling incompetent and out of his depth.

He is adept in reading the room and proactive when it is necessary to ease the tension. However, he can be a bit shallow in his good intentions.[5]


Carol Dallon[]

Mark sincerely loves Carol even after the decades of marriage. However, he feels responsible for not being able to negate her worse impulses.[6]


Mark seemed to be protective of Victoria.[7] When she was sent to the Parahuman Asylum, he chose to go with her, rather than go with Carol to see Amy off, after an argument between them.[8] He visited Victoria more often than Carol.[9] After recovering, Victoria seemed to be generally closer to her father than to her mother.


Mark tried to be a father to Amy, but his depression kept getting in his way.[10][2] Though Amy recognized his efforts to be her father, she was nonetheless distant from him, feeling that Victoria was her only true family.


As Flashbang, Mark wears a white costume with padding and helmet - the costume is marked with a green-yellow grenade icon.[11] The costume's armor panels, mask, straps, and guards were styled like a grenade's exterior.[12]

Out of costume, Mark is generally fit, and he looks younger than he actually is. As of Ward, he had short hair, and had beard stubble with some white hair that gave away his age.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Mark's power allows him to create bouncing[13] orbs of light that can detonate either concussively (and largely non-lethal) or explosively with potentially lethal force.[11][14] He can adjust the charges to control the size of the resulting explosion, re-absorb projectiles,[15] and maintains a secondary power that allows him to ignore the effects of his own improvised weapons,[16] He could create a large number of explosions.

Similar to Brandish, Flashbang has shown some resistance to blinding lights.[17]

He was severely devastated by a brain injury,[18] but was able to get around it thanks to Panacea's intervention.


He generally carries everything his team might need.[19]



He had a concussion as a teen, which had lingering consequences.[3] He did not found therapy helpful.[20]

Neil triggered when he and, presumably, other members of Brockton Bay Brigade, were attacked during a boat ride.[21]

Mark convinced Carol to have their biological daughter Victoria, a point which Sarah later used to convince her to adopt Amy.[22]

With the rest of New Wave, he was present in Boston to help manage the Boston Games.[23]

Story Start[]

Started the story as a member of New Wave.[13]

Fought the ABB during their insurgency.

Fought the Empire Eighty-Eight when they were freaking out.

Protected Brockton Bay with his family and most of the city's other capes when Leviathan attacked. 


24 days after the Battle against Leviathan, Mark was still laid up in bed due to a head injury[24] when Bonesaw with her minions came to try and recruit Panacea. Bonesaw injected acid into Mark, coercing his adopted daughter to heal him. Mark immediately forced Bonesaw and Hack Job away. After the fight he recognized Mouse Protector in one of the minions, and after Amy's confirmation, that she is beyond saving, finished her off.[16] He also tried to calm down Panacea before she ran off.

He had an argument with Carol when both of their daughters were sent off; eventually, Mark accompanied Victoria to the Asylum in Pennsylvania, while Carol went with Amy to see her off to the Birdcage.[8]

Gold Morning[]

Flashbang looked visibly grim when Marquis was released from The Birdcage during Gold Morning.[25] He and the other members of New Wave did not participate in the fighting.[26]


He ended up separated from his wife; while Carol lived in a house, Mark lived in an apartment with Victoria.[27] At a reunion barbecue for the Dallons and their extended family, he was told of Amy's presence beforehand, but later tried to warn Victoria about her sister's presence.[28] However, following the reunion, Victoria refused to go back to his apartment.[29]

He later apologized for the incident at the reunion,[30] and offered advice to Victoria regarding her team. Victoria later used some of his spare costume materials when making her own.[12]

Post-Fallen fall[]

Rejoined Carol in her modest, off-time team and changed his costume a bit.[31]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Flashbang joined his daughter's team on a revenge mission to Earth N. At the end of it he gets taken out of fight by wounds.

He brought his wife to Earth Shin, to seek help from Amy.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Mark met Breakthrough during their visit to Shin, and became unwilling hostage and enforcer.

Once Shin Diplomatic Crisis was resolved Mark stayed on Shin to keep an eye on Amy.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

He asked Amy to heal his old brain trauma, but she refused.[3]

Mark was present during The Red Queens negotiation with the Wardens during The Second Shin Crisis.[32] Later in the day, Victoria demanded from him in private conversation to enforce the agreement with Amy by any cost and even kill Amy if she backs off from it.[33] Mark was shocked by the intensity of it and reported their conversation to the Wardens.[34]

The Ice Breaks[]

After the Hunter's rampage started, he, however, was able to persuade then-defeated Amy to return under the Wardens' supervision.[35]

Mark and Carol offered Victoria's plague to Amy.[36]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
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Fanart Gallery[]


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    Look at Amy's conversation with Gallant... "Carol never really wanted me. Mark is clinically depressed, so as nice as he is, he’s too focused on himself to really be a dad."

    Interlude 11.h, It had always been Victoria, only Victoria, who made her feel like she had a family here.

    Then later, same interlude, What Amy felt from her ‘mother’ was a chill. She knew that she was only justifying the darker suspicions Carol had harbored towards her since she was first brought into the family. It was doubly crushing now, because Amy knew about Marquis. Amy knew that Carol was thinking the same thing she was.

    Carol didn't reach out, she wasn't warm, she wasn't a mother. At best, Amy was a person living in their house. At worst, Amy was someone suspicious, Marquis' daughter. So Amy never really had a 'home', a safe haven to retreat to. If you want to read between the lines, the fact that she'd go out at night to visit the hospital (and that nobody was stopping her) might indicate more about her feelings at home. She wasn't mistreated. She got fed, she got clothes. Mark (Flashbang) even tried to be a warmer dad when he was up to it, but that's something as rare as the sun coming out in the UK - brief and unpredictable bouts of good in the midst of a perpetually overcast setting. In the end, all she really had was Victoria. - Comment of RPR.net by Wildbow
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  17. One arm shielding my eyes, I could see the white fading, and every line and shadow that returned to the world brought a lot of pain with it. The others were down, Swansong and Damsel pushed into the dirt, Capricorn standing in front of Rain, and it was my parents who stood tall with eyes open in the glare.

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    “Yeah,” I said.

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    I was aware that my mom had seated herself so that two neighbors sat between her and my dad. Where my dad had dressed in a t-shirt and sports pants for the occasion, she had dressed up. Just a bit of lipstick, her hair short and styled, a ruffly sort of white blouse and pencil skirt. She’d kicked off her shoes earlier in the evening, leaving them beneath her chair.

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