Flare 2.7
Date posted 30 December 2017
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Flare 2.7 is the seventh chapter of Flare. The groups meeting wraps up, friends catch up and field trips are planed and explored. Auld acquaintances are not forgotten.


Such wonderful horrible things.

Vistoria shares about herself and her experiences and compares it with the rest of the group.

The group ends and everyone leaves, the Capricorn twins stay behind to talk with Yamada.

The group leaves and slowly breaks up. Rain is revealed to be tormented by something even worse then his multitrigger group. Ashley is goes to her oh so tiring appointments. Kenzie goes to her own thing and is adorable.

Sveta and Victoria walk and catch up.

Later that night victoria can't sleep, she goes exploring and finds evidence of someone from the bad old days.


Therapy GroupEdit



  • The last section was added to the chapter to give it more of a 'pop'.[1]


  1. Comment on IRC by Wildbow
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