Flare 2.6
Date posted 26 December 2017
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Flare 2.6 is the sixth chapter of Flare. Victoria chats with the team about the harder side of heroics, Rain’s cluster is after him, she connects the dots to Snag, Damsel plans to return to villainy, Capricorn is a C70, Vicky is team coach. Lots of important character beats.


The group covers many different topics.

Sveta and Victoria compare their boyfriends.

Rain unloads about his issues with his multitrigger group, like with Snag. He's surprised to learn that Victoria had a run in with him.

Tristan talks bout his own difficulties.

Ashley is her usual terrific self, in the original meaning of the word.

Futures are discussed and decided upon.


Therapy GroupEdit

Major EventsEdit

  • Victoria joins her first hero team since 2011


  • The concept of Case 70s is formulated. Something discussed but not addressed in Worm.


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