Fishtank is a Tinker hero with a peculiar specialty, who is a part of the Shepherds.


In costume, Fishtank wears a humanoid mech suit that is roughly the size of a car. It has a glass tank for a body that contains something large, and eel-like in appearance.[1][2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Fishtank is a Tinker with a speciality that appears to evolve sea creatures in some capacity. He is capable of creating a large humanoid mech, containing an eel-like creature within.



Fishtank was present when Victoria Dallon tried out for the Attendant.

When the Attendant were disbanded and merged with the Shepherds, Fishtank joined them.

Post-Fallen FallEdit

Fishtank was present when a group of parahumans attacked the refugees entering Earth Gimel from Earth Bet.

The Ice BreaksEdit

Fishtank is assisting in taking on the Titans.[3]


  1. I saw a humanoid mech the size of a car, with a glass tank for the ‘body’, something large and fishlike within the tank. The mech sat on its ass, feet sticking out, and children were crowding around to tap the glass and climb on the feet. The tinker, as I took it, was the one sitting on the suit’s shoulder. - Excerpt from Flare 2.1
  2. The only light was from spotlights, and for a moment, every spotlight was on a giant robot with a glass face, a giant eel swimming in the fluid within. Metal and strange technology gleamed in the instant before the spotlights changed focus, some turning to the convoy that followed the giant robot. The parahuman who managed the robot stood atop the thing, waving at someone on the ground as if he didn’t have a care in the world. - Excerpt from Interlude 7.y II
  3. Radiation 18.8

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