Finale, real name Bella[2] is a young woman trying to be a hero with her friends, the Major Malfunctions.


Finale acts younger than she is; Withdrawal said that she had been immature when they were young, and didn't grow up with the rest of them.

Bella seems to have a strong case of hyperactivity and self-control issues, often not being able to predict the consequences of her action in a moment[3] or grasp things on the fly.[4] She has a hard time staying idle, which leads to her power quickly becoming incontinent, yet still often becomes overwhelmed during the intense action.[5] She gets annoyed when things are not done in a specific order.[6]

When using her power she produces gimmick sound effects, despite her power providing more than enough sound.[7] Similarly she has a childish enthusiasm for things.[8]

Victoria raised the possibility that this was case of a power influencing its host mentally, but was wary about putting all the blame on the power.[9]

Finale looks up to her teammates, and does not think very highly of herself.[4][10]


The Major MalfunctionsEdit

Finale has a very strong relationship with her teammates, to the point where Withdrawal freely admits that he could never be mad at her because he cares about her so much.[11]


Finale wears a costume that looks like it was adopted from a marching band, comprised of a glittery baby blue military uniform and a flat-top cap. She wore a simple domino mask, and had her reddish-brown hair free. In addition, she wore stylized music notes on the front of her top and her cap.[12]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Finale creates sonic orbs by pointing and shooting or with throwing motions that concussively detonate when they connect. Victoria described these as "soft" explosions which imparted kinetic energy without heat or damaging shockwave[13], and they affect both humans and inanimate objects.[14] The more she uses them the stronger her blasts become.[7] Once she has tagged a series of targets, she can unleash a "finale" of coordinated secondary detonations that launch all previous targets in a cascading chain reaction of collisions and further detonations.[15]

The onomatopoeia she makes helps her shape and regulate the initial strength of the blasts.[16] E.g. the proper imitation of a gunshot can put a hole into the gunsteel even at down-low of the overall charge.[17] It also extend to her regular speech,[16] which starts triggering power-effects when her power is restless.

She prefers to delay using the finale as long as possible, as it takes her time to build up a new one,[18] but the finale seems to become less precise as the number of targets and the setup time increase.[13] Some skill is apparently involved in controlling the finale, and she is less experienced with throwing people than with inanimate objects. She is self-conscious and highly critical of her own mistakes with this aspect of her power.[14]

She may have some innate durability.[7]



Bella grew up as isolated child, often rejected by other people due to her lack of self-control and developmental issues. At some point, music and her drum-set became one of her sole passions.[3] She triggered after an important concert, where she was manipulated into going off-script after her part, and was admonished and faced with a possibility of losing her drum-set.[2]

Bella had her trigger event a year later than Withdrawal and Caryatid. She eventually got in touch with her friends online.[9] She dropped out of school to become a hero, and wandered the Midwest with her team for around four years before Gold Morning, though without much success.[19]

Gold MorningEdit

Finale survived, but was presumably forcibly recruited like everyone else.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

The Major Malfunctions had settled near a tent city following Gold Morning.[20] When Breakthrough contacted the team and offered them to work within their network of hero teams, Finale was present at their in-person meeting with Victoria.[19]

Fought against an army of Teachers thralls that protected The Pharmacist.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

She was on the guard duty at the Cheit-portal, when Contessa passed it with captured Teacher.[2]

Post-Ice BreakEdit

Finale was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight duty of Titan Oberon and Eve. Once the battle started, she insisted on accompanying Lookout together with Withdrawal, and evacuated shortly after than was done.[21]

Finale participated in the battles against The Simurgh together with her teammates.[22][23]

Fanart GalleryEdit


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