Final Hour is a cape who can waste time strategically.


Final Hour is bodybuilder-grade muscular. He wears brass helmet and the left side of his body is covered in heavy tinker-tech, concentrating into an enormous gauntlet.[1][2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Targeted slowing effect that reduces the flow of time for a single target.[3]

He can use the targeted slow to create time sinks where business can be conducted without outside observers watching or recording things.[4] He can use it as a medical intervention if he has to.[5]


The arm device he wears allows him to modify his "slow", creating different effects on those within the field. One notable effect he could create was an "EMP" that shorted out technology and weakened parahuman powers.[1]



Worked in Seattle as a villain with the Speedrunners.


Worked as security in Hollow Point alongside the other Speedrunners.

During the Mathers Compound Assault, he was outed as a Fallen mole alongside his team.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Joined Teacher alongside the other Speedrunners, and fought back against the heroes.[6]


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    Where had I been? Final Hour, right. “He could attach an EMP thing to his slow that slightly hampered powers, made machinery grind to a halt. All through this oversized thing he wore that covered his arm and hand.”

    “He’s wearing it now,” Sveta said.

    “Okay, right, can’t see while I’ve got the phone to my ear. Foresight said they were using Final Hour to mask their business dealings. He was their heavy hitter and he might still be. I was thinking he might be using the EMP thing or something like it to keep people from looking in.”

    “I hope they don’t use it,” Kenzie said.

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