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Fenrir's Chosen was a neo-Nazi group formed by some of the members of Empire Eighty-Eight after the death of Kaiser.[1][2] Their gang symbol was a wolf's head,[3] which they would wear as face-paint.[4][5]


Creating a group of warriors that followed Hookwolf's philosophy and code - creating "Aryan" warriors who were intended to surpass ordinary mercenaries and police.[6] They were known for being incredibly unsubtle and, of course, racist.[7]


Recruits to the Chosen trained with melee weapons as well as guns and unarmed combat, leaving them physically exhausted. The parahuman leaders would single out individuals who had a killer instinct, who would then be challenged to fight them in single combat as an induction into their elite. [5]

They would steal supplies sent in as part of the post-Leviathan relief effort.[2] They were known as an unusually aggressive, violent group who thrived in the chaos that followed the attack.[1] They were known to participate in the slave trade, kidnapping people from their homes and farming them out for slave labor.[8]



The Chosen was one of the groups that formed when Empire Eighty-Eight splintered in the events following Kaiser's death. They were comprised of the more actively combative elements of the Empire[2]

They fought everyone - the Pure, Coil's Organization,[9], and the Undersiders[10][11].

When Shatterbird recruited Hookwolf, she blackmailed him by leaving notes telling the Slaughterhouse Nine to destroy them as part of his "tests", promising to leave them alone only if he willingly joined.[5]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

After Hookwolf left, the group moved to Boston where they made a nuisance of themselves to Accord, they seemingly recruited a Niflheim and Muspelheim.[12]



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