Faultline's Crew is a group of supervillains-for-hire, organized by Faultline. They eventually became known as Palanquin, similar to their nightclub of the same name.[1]


Several members of Faultline's Crew are Case 53s. Some of them have put their wages toward investigating their origins.[2]

Though explicitly mercenary, the crew does have limits on who they work for and what they do, willing to do "anything short of murder".[3] They make a point of never fighting without pay.[4]


Name Status
Faultline Active
Gregor the Snail Active
Newter Unknown
Labyrinth Active
Spitfire Active
Shamrock Active
Scrub Unknown
Matryoshka Active
Whippersnap Active
Chantilly Active



Faultline recruited Newter and Gregor the Snail after saving them from being arrested by a hero. After they met her conditions.[5] This 'founding' was roughly three years before the story started.[citation needed]

The group pulled a job on the North American Tinker black market[2] and infiltrated a high-security asylum seeking information on the Dragonslayers. After defeating a team from the Boston Protectorate, they recruited Labyrinth, an inmate who had been recently transferred there[2].

Around a month before coming to Brockton Bay, they defeated Chevalier and Myrddin in Philadelphia.[2]

The crew recruited Spitfire at some time either before or during the early events of Worm.[6]

Overall, the group had performed three times as many jobs as the Undersiders with only one or two failures as of the meeting at Somer's Rock in Hive.[4]

Start of Worm

The crew attended a meeting at the neutral ground of Somer's Rock, and were paid by Coil to join the attack against the ABB.[7] Members of the crew partnered with subordinates or members of the Empire, Coil, the Undersiders, and the Travelers in raiding ABB warehouses and positions.

Post-ABB battle

At some time between Interlude 5 and Infestation 11.7, the crew recruited Shamrock. The crew crashed a Merchants "party" in an attempt to seize six Cauldron vials in Skidmark's possession.[8]

Burnscar attacked the crew's living quarters at Palanquin to talk to Labyrinth.[9]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine

Faultline's Crew were away on a fact finding mission when the undersiders suffered a betrayal. The crew assaulted Jeremy Foster at his house and recruited Matryoshka in Madison, Wisconsin, and was subsequently attacked by Contessa as a warning from Cauldron.[10]

They were called back to Brockton Bay and participated in concluding the battle against Echidna.


The crew attended Cauldron's meeting following a new threat emerging.[11]


Almost two years later they participated in another meeting. They collectively participated in Gold Morning.


At some point rebranded themselves as Palanquin.

Post-Goddess' Takeover

Assisted Tattletale and the Undersiders in escaping from March.

Met with the members of Breakthrough to connect them to Tattletale.

Post-Attack on Teacher

Palanquin was employed by Dinah Alcott to ensure her safety and independence.[12]


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