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Faultline is the leader and eponym of Faultline’s Crew.


Faultline prides herself on her intelligence and her reputation as a mercenary, and tries to maintain her mercenary activities with a code. She is well aware of the need for misdirection, and employing facades when dealing with people who can be more individually powerful than she is.[citation needed]

She was known for her intelligence and skill as a leader, even by her enemies.[1][2][3]

Has some sort of feud with Tattletale.[1][3]

Whether accidentally or on purpose her crew became a family.

Many people consider her arrogant, such as Tattletale.

Appearance & Equipment[]

Faultline is twenty-something and sharp-featured with long black hair. Her costume blends 'dress', 'martial arts gear' and 'riot gear', including a skirt and a bulletproof vest. While in costume, she puts her hair into a bun and wears a detachable hairpiece filled with thorns as a 'ponytail'.[4][5] The costume has a lot of thought and effort put into it, and was designed for practicality over looks.[6]

She carried a semiautomatic pistol and a flare gun, hidden beneath the flowing parts of her costume.[6]

In civilian guise, she wears a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black slacks tucked into shiny black riding boots with steel toes. She has "sharp" features.[7]

Abilities and Powers[]

Faultline has the ability to separate molecular bonds in any non-living material to make holes or cuts by touching it.[3] she is extremely adroit with her power, able to use it strategically and in concert with others.[8]

It seems that her power does not have a visible effect unless she is using it on things she is Limited to.[9][10][11][12][13]



Faultline owned Palanquin and several other cover businesses across Brockton Bay.[14]

She and her team had performed perhaps three times as many jobs as the Undersiders at the beginning of Worm, but had only failed at one or two of them, a fact the Undersiders attributed to her leadership.[2] At some point, she toppled a building on someone.[15]

After the Undersiders failed to recruit Spitfire, Faultline recruited her instead,[16] possibly as part of her feud with Tattletale.[2]

Start of Worm[]

Participated in the meeting at Somer's Rock and subsequent war on the ABB, but ensured that her team was paid by Coil for doing so.[17]


Faultline led an assault on the newly resurgent Archer's Bridge Merchants.[18]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Faultline and her team infiltrated Madison, looking for more clues into Cauldron. They recruit a new member- Matryoshka. Shortly after, Faultline receives a call from Tattletale asking for their help, and the team is attacked by Contessa.

The team arrives to help with Echidna in Brockton Bay. Tattletale leverages Scrubs and Labyrinth's abilities to create portals to other worlds.


The crew travelled around the world opening portals to other worlds.

Gold Morning[]

Faultline and her team participated in Gold Morning. Faultline survived.


Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Helped Tattletale fight off March.

The Ice Breaks[]

Faultline accompanied her people to emergency testing for Case 53s. She discussed Contessa with Weld, Sveta, and Egg while there.[19]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
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x. Interlude 2 Mentioned
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x. Interlude 5 Appears
1. Tangle 6.1 Mentioned
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1. Cockroaches 28.1 Appears
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1. Speck 30.1 Absent
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6. Speck 30.6 Appears
7. Speck 30.7 Absent


  • Some early drafts of worm give Faultline's name as Melanie Fitts, there has been no independent verification on this however.
  • Like many characters in Worm, Faultline took her turn as the protagonist for one of the stories many drafts.[20] She was known as Disaster Area, or Disaster for short.[21]

Fanart Gallery[]


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    "Nothing important," she replied.

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    Her power worked better with multiple points of contact. She touched with her other fingertip, and felt the power soar between the two, running through the surface like a current.

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