Extermination 8.8
Date posted 27 March 2012
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Extermination 8.8 is the ninth chapter of Extermination. The problem with Endbringer attack funerals and Brockton Bay's memorial, list of the fallen. Meeting with Lisa, and decisions to make for the future.


Twelve days after Leviathan's attack, Taylor visits the memorial erected for the parahumans that died in the confrontation. In her musings, she notes why there was no funeral for the fallen. Taylor crosses paths with Lisa at the memorial. Lisa explains that she'd known that Skitter was a hero from the beginning, and reveals what Coil's powers are. We get an overview of the city situation after the attack. Tattletale explains their first encounter[1] from her point of view. Taylor debates her options with Tattletale and with herself, and comes to a decision as the chapter concludes.

Major EventsEdit

  • Though Taylor makes her decision the poor devoted reader won't be informed of the outcome until much later.[2]


  • The spelling of Bitch's addition to the memorial suggests that she is functionally illiterate.
  • This is the first time that Coil's power is explained. The next chapter shows it being used in the way Tattletale describes.



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