Extermination 8.7
Date posted 24 March 2012
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Extermination 8.7 is the eighth chapter of Extermination. Armsmaster is disagreeable, Tt hijacks armbands. Outing of a hero actually being a villain, a hero actually being a hero, and a villain actually being a hero.


Still reeling from discovering Shadow Stalkers civilian identity Skitter is grabbed by Armsmaster, Legend, and Miss Militia.

They try to give her an ultimatum to join the wards but Taylor rejects it. Not wanting to be on the same team as her school bully.

The undersiders try to interject but are escorted out by Miss Militia. Then Tattletale intervenes being able to breech the armband security. Her announcement makes the altercation the center of attention.

They are stuck there and bring things to a head.

In the end Armsmaster is revealed to actually be a villain, Legend to actually be a hero, and Skitter to actually be a hero.

Major Events

  • Armsmaster is arrested
  • Skitter is revealed to be a plant.


The Undersiders


The Travelers

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