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Date posted 10 March 2012
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Extermination 8.3 is the third chapter of Extermination. Leviathan fighting. Skitter first aid. Surviving a Tsunami from within. Clockblocker freeze and save. Plan B.


While Legend knocks Leviathan down with his lasers, Skitter begins looking for wounded to rescue and administer first aid. She located a teenage boy and began walking him to safety. Alexandria faces off with Leviathan and pulls him to the ground. A flier picked up the wounded teenager from Taylor's care and she continues to look for other wounded. After finding a woman dressing in white with her face severely damaged, she convinced Greenfire to cauterize her wounds.

The fight continues and Taylor administers CPR to an injured cape while Narwhal, Ballistic, and Miss Militia continue the fight. It looked like the parahumans were winning against Leviathan, just as a massive tidal wave crashed into their ranks. Taylor was protected by Shielder's forcefield.

Myrddin and Eidolon began fighting back with Myrddin gathering mist from Eidolon's power and firing it at Leviathan which knocked the beast into nearby buildings. Vista toppled a building on a Leviathan and gave the ranks a slight pause to recover. Heavy losses occurred during the tidal wave.

Leviathan escaped the rubble and dashed away only to be met with Sundancer's orb, and Bakuda's bombs being shot from Miss Militia's grenade launcher. Leviathan lashed his tail and flicked Jotun, Dauntless, and Alabaster into the time distortion bubble just created, as well as knocking down Miss Militia.

Leviathan continued its attack, killing Shielder and knocking out Sundancer, then turning in Taylor's direction. Taylor's arm is then badly broken by Leviathan's afterimage attack.

Kaiser began erecting a metal cage around Leviathan but failed to finished before it escaped. However, just as the waves and afterimage died down, its seen that Clockblocker successfully froze the endbringer in time. Trickster then swaps out the injured Clockblocker for a cape body and Armsmaster takes control of the batttlefield. He begins putting into action his "Plan B".


  • Shotgun Westley is a refrence to The Princess Bride that features Westly, one of the main characters in a mask that covers the top of his face.
    • Interestingly the movie came out in 1987, well after the Timeline divergence, Taylor's familiarity with the film may stem from it being filmed on Earth Bet as well or due to the portal created by Professor Haywire allowing a version from Earth Alph to be distributed on Bet.


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Down, Deceased, Losses in this chapter:

Sham down, CD-5. Acoustic deceased, CD-5. Harsh Mistress down, CD-5. Resolute deceased, CD-5. Woebegone down, CD-5… Fierceling deceased, CD-5. Adamant down, CD-5 Chubster down, CD-5. Good Neighbor deceased, CD-5. Hallow deceased, CD-5. Hew down, CD-5. Strapping Lad down, CD-5. Intrepid down, CD-5. Debaser, Ascendant, Gallant, Zigzag, Prince of Blades, Vitiator, Humble, Halo, Whirlygig, Night, Crusader, Uglymug, Victor, Furrow, Barker, Elegance, Quark, Pelter, Snowflake, Ballistic, Mama Bear, Mister Eminent, Flashbang, Biter… …Cloister, Narwhal, Vixen, The Dart, Geomancer, Oaf, Tattletale… Brigandine deceased, CD-5. Jotun deceased, CD-6. Dauntless deceased, CD-6. Alabaster deceased, CD-6. Miss Militia down, CD-6. Legend down, CD-6, Shielder deceased, CD-6 Sundancer down, CD-6. Escutcheon deceased, CD-6. Herald deceased, CD-6.


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