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Date posted 3 March 2012
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Extermination 8.1 is the first chapter of Extermination. The city evacuates, while the who's who of the Cape community in Brockton Bay and the world gather. Meeting the Undersiders again. Legend tells everyone the odds.


Panic in the streets as everybody runs for their life. Skitter and tattletale make their way slowly through the crowd. The find a police officer who points them to the staging area.

Getting there is an issue but when they do their just in time to see the top dogs of the protectorate arrive. Skitter sees more of them inside, people like Alexandria, Legend, and the strongest parahuman on the planet: Eidolon.

More arrive, members of the Guild, people meet and greet and exchange information. Skitter reviews all the information that she knows about the assembled capes.

Skitter gets excited for the opportunity to listen to Legend only to have her hopes crushed by stark reality.

Major EventsEdit

  • Heroes gather to fight the endbringer.


  • Alexandria Package is elaborated on.
  • While Bastion's city is given as San Jose later material would identify him with Boston.[1] As such the wiki will reflect this new stance.


The UndersidersEdit

The ProtectorateEdit

The GuildEdit

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New WaveEdit


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Empire Eighty-EightEdit



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  1. "Nevermind that. It calms me. I try not to have many bad days, personal philosophy, but when I do have a bad one, I like to shoot a target. Plus, I'm trying to learn to use this stun rifle, but I'm a hair away from being a midget-"

    "Little person," you correct. "Sorry, but we stress political correctness here, and one wrong statement can get taken a long way by the media."

    "There was a guy in my old hometown, few years back, ran into that. You know Boston's Bastion?"

    "That was more than one wrong statement, but yes. I know. Bastion ran afoul of the media."

    "Okay, right. Well, I'm not much taller than a midget or a politically correct little person, and that means I'm not so good with the stun gun's size or recoil, is what I was saying. I was working on it back home, but it's been a week or two and I think I've forgotten what I learned." - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread i p29
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