Exalt is the intense interim leader of the Houston Protectorate team.


Could handle himself in the field well enough to be promoted to leader. May have made the decision to stop cooperating with the Yang Ban after a traitor attacked Chevalier.[1]

He did not like to act without having all the information beforehand.[2]

Along with Rime, Chevalier considered him good enough to lead the protectorate at New Delhi.[3]

Reputation Edit

Exalt is considered one of the top heroes in the Protectorate.[4] Along with Capes like Chevalier, his superior Eidolon, and Cinereal.


Exalt wears a white costume and a helmet with a starburst worked into it, radiating from the eyeholes and the gap for his mouth.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Exalt is a powerful but limited aerokinetic and telekinetic. To truly use his aerokinetic powers at their optimal he needed to let a charge build up. How fast this charge builds is a differential that can vary from a few hours to several days. With a charge he could draw in the air from an entire city and stagger endbringers, without it his aerokinesis was restricted and much harder to work with.[5][6]

He used his telekinesis to fly, it was strong enough for him to bring materials with him.[1]



Likely a natural trigger

Story StartEdit

Was part of the Houston protectorate. Dauntless saw him being delivered by Strider alongside Eidolon and the rest of the Texans to fight Leviathan.[7]


Took over for Eidolon at Houston following the scandal.[2]

With Chevalier incapacitated and Rime dead Exalt became the interim leader of the Protectorate, at least at New Delhi. While he had issues with the plan put together by Weaver he still helped out and created a massive blast to stop Behemoth at a crucial time.[8]

He stood by Weaver staying in the Protectorate given the gamble she made.

When Cauldron called a meeting to deal with the threat of Khonsu Exalt was one of the capes that Chevalier brought along to represent the protectorate.[9]

Gold MorningEdit

Survived the initial engagement.[10]

After Doormaker was incapacitated Exalt and Revel were dispatched to investigate along with Vegas Dark. They were overwhelmed, knocked unconscious and their places were taken by Satyr.


  • His nomdegurre is one of many possible spellings, exalt is used here given its use in the text.
    • Exalt as opposed to Exult can mean to increase the intensity of a thing.


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    “Weaver,” Exalt said. His voice was grim. “They aren’t allies.

    “We need all the help we can get,” I said.

    “The Yàngbǎn pulled an assassination attempt on Chevalier,” Exalt told me.

    My eyes widened.

    “A traitor among us,” a young man spoke, his voice badly accented. Another snapped something at him, and he responded in Chinese.

    None of the heroes replied. I couldn’t bring myself to speak, couldn’t think of a single thing to say that would be remotely diplomatic, in the midst of this.

    “We do need all the help we can get,” Exalt said, not taking his eyes off the group. “You want to make amends?”

    The English-speaking one translated for the others. I fidgeted nervously. How many minutes, now? Why hadn’t I asked for more time?

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    “She is,” Revel answered for herself. She seemed to have to work to focus on me. “Weaver?”

    “I found what Behemoth is after. Who can I talk to?”

    Dispatch stepped out of the way, so the man in white with the starburst helm was free to act.

    “Me,” the man in white said. “I’m Exalt. Interim leader.”

    “The Texas Protectorate leader.”

    “Houston Protectorate, yes.”

    “A local cape has gathered up a whole mess of energy. Enough to wipe India off the map. He’s planning to hit Behemoth with it, in two or three minutes.”

    “It won’t work,” Exalt said.

    “I know it won’t work. But he’s going to try, no matter what we do, and we need to distract the Endbringer long enough to give it a chance.”

    He exchanged glances with the others.

    Hurry, I thought. I was panting, my mouth thick with the taste of ozone. Even with my lenses, my eyes were watering from the peripheral smoke.

    “Go,” Revel said. “Expend it.”


    “It’s too soon,” Exalt said, “And we don’t have all the informat-”

    “No time! Decide now!”

    I saw him hesitate.

    Swearing under my breath, I turned on my heel and flew away.

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    Rachel held on as the wind hit her, held on as each dog turned a hundred and eighty degrees. They passed Behemoth a second time, only this time, Rachel shouted another command. One of the first I’d heard her give. I knew now that it was the command for ‘up’. - Excerpt from Crushed 24.4
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