Ex Nihilo is a cape from another world stranded in Earth Gimel.


After two years on Gimel, he was able to speak english.[1] His degree of fluency is currently unknown.


Ex Nihilo wears a outfit dervived from a modified business suit, an uncommon costuming choice among cape culture.[2] He wears a tinker mask that makes it seem like there is a large hole in his face.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ex Nihilo is a Tinker. He is capable of placing people into a stasis that protects them from being hurt.[1]


Appears to operate a mobile desk that modulates and focuses his effects.


Gold MorningEdit

Ex Nihilo was brought from his original world into the fight against Scion by Khepri.[3] After the fight was done, he was stuck on a foreign earth.

The Ice BreaksEdit

Ex Nihilo assisted in fighting off Titan Eve, Titan Oberon, and Titan Skadi.


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    I saw her head turn more as she realized the reality of the situation. First, looking past the one person she’d tried to apologize to, she saw the people she’d just tried to save were already safe, phased out of existence, every body or body part that was in the way of harm gone, everyone who had been cut in half frozen in stasis. I saw the pride disappear as the tinker gave her the briefest of looks before hitting buttons on his desk, ending the stasis. The capes he’d affected resumed moving. The person Hecatomb had tried to talk to became whole again, looking very surprised to have a ten foot tall, gore-streaked woman with bronze skin looming over him. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.6
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    Not an angle of attack or criticism I’d anticipated. It made sense, in a way. Delegitimize, disarm, call reasonable and natural things into question.

    “That would have bad implications,” I said. “The aesthetic you’re talking about is a popular villain thing. Ambassadors in Boston, Dark Society down the East coast, there was a group of weapons dealers called the Brokers… And of course the Elite who were the biggest American villain gang. The exception on the hero side would be the Suits, and even they had costumes for serious events where they needed the extra pockets, armor, and everything else.”

    “So interesting,” Lynn said. “This is all the sort of thing you have to consider.”

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