Europe is the continent adjacent to Asia in Earth Bet.

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Continents are in some sense a political differentiation, Europe does not sit on its own continental plate but shares it with nations like Russia and most of China. For the purposes of this article "euope" encompases eveything from Spain to Ukraine and parts of North Africa. This being the range of the suits.

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On september 16th Leviathan attacked Naples,[2] given previous events The Protectorate put in a bad showing,[3] leading to a bad day.[4] Cities across the Western coastline suffered damage not just Naples, including all the way to Rome and the Vatican City micronation which was ~225 kilometers away (~140 miles).[3]

2 years later another major calamity happen when an angel appeared in Switzerland, which would have devastating consequences down the line.[5][6]

At an unknown point tinkers started making blasphemous creations.

The Dark Society was active in Europe but was crushed by the Suits and the Protectorate.


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    Krouse stayed still, waiting. He could see Marissa and Oliver nodding.

    “Six months later? A promising scientist commits suicide. Another person tries to blow up a TV station to get back at his girlfriend. Superhero assassinates a prime minister and the next guy to be in charge of that country starts a war. They were all there, when the Simurgh showed up. The superhero’s friends said there was no sign, before his encounter with the Simurgh. He just went downhill, after. There was other stuff, stuff I don’t remember. But it’s all bad.” - Excerpt from Migration 17.5
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    I found myself listening, despite myself.

    “We shot them, the people who heard too much of the Simurgh’s song, who weren’t just walking disaster areas, but who’d listened long enough that they lost something. Men, women and children missing that moral center that people like Miss Militia and I have. Hell, even you’ve got morals. They didn’t. I’m sure you heard about it, you’re not that young. Suicide bombers, dirty bombs. Terrorism, if you will. Eleven year olds and old men making their way to Amsterdam or London and opening fire in a crowded area. Just like that.”

    Tagg slammed his hand down on the metal table, coinciding with the ‘that’. I jumped a little, despite myself.

    He’s just trying to rattle me.

    “Once we realized what was happening, we had to act, contain the damage. Contain families. Had to act against people who went home from a day of trying to kill the rest of us and cooked a nice dinner, oblivious to just how fucked they were in the head. People who were otherwise good, who got warped on a fundamental level, left open to the preaching and the incitement of their angrier neighbors. Two years of fighting before we got the word down from on high, that they couldn’t rehabilitate the ones they’d captured, the ones who’d listened too long. The poor assholes would play nice until they saw an opportunity, then they’d take it, do as much damage as they could. Two years fighting good people who’d been convinced they had to throw their lives away fighting an enemy that didn’t exist. So we closed the perimeter, bombed them out, herded them and gunned them down.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2

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