Etna is a villain from Ward who looks likely to erupt.


She does not want to kill, but is still quite reckless.[1]

Appears to be a bit of a deadpan, who unintionally shuts down casual conversations with short and honest, but also disinterested sounding answers.[2]


As a cape, Etna wears a robe that leaves little to the imagination, and a six horned black mask likely meant to evoke her name sake.[3]

Later, she was seen with a helmet with built-in cowl and flame motif.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Etna has the ability to create globs of superheated glass. She usually lobs these during battle.[3] These globs can splash upon impact increasing her combat potential.

She has also showcased the ability to float in a heat bubble,[5] and an unskilled level of flight. Victoria compares her maneuverability to that of a bomber aircraft.[6]

Later, she switched to using a glass spear.


Early WardEdit

Was a part of Prancers coalition of villains residing in Hollow Point.

Took part in defending Hollow Point from an unnamed group of heroes and their allies. reacted badly when she thought she had killed a child hero.[7]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Was arrested at a drop off point by members of the new heroes network, while vastly outnumbered.[8]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Was broken out of prison by Bitter Pill and company, despite not working for them. Agreed to do a few jobs with them as payment.[9]

Was present in Earth N, when Antares and her team made a foray there. She almost got drowned in the first fight[10], got violently swatted from the air to the ground in the second[11], and skipped the third opportunity to meet them.

In the subsequent days, Etna decided to retire from her life as a villain and to have a go at being a B-list heroine.[12]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Etna defended civilians from Deathchester with her new team, The Huntsmen. After the fight, she drove Breakthrough to Deathchester's hideout with her "Etnamobile". Lookout gifted her a small tinker device that creates a temporary visual effect.[13]

Ward EpilogueEdit

Etna asked for some assistance with villain Bonespur from Victoria Dallon.[14]


  • Likely named after Mount Etna, Etna itself translates into "I burn" in Greek.


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