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Erin is a close friend of Rain and a member of the Fallen community.


She was a bit of a cape geek able to recognize the former Glory Girl right away.[1] May like hanging out with Rain due to the closeness to superheroes he affords her.[2] Dealing with another non-brainwashed member of the Fallen is also a plus.



They allow her a great deal of independence, given their continued shell shock from Gold Morning they aren't equipped to do much else.[3]

Rain O'Fire Frazier[]

She is good friends with him. He sometimes worried that he wasn't looking after her well enough.[4] She felt frustrated and betrayed that he turned her down when they were paired together, seeing it as the only chance she would get to pull away from the Fallen.[5]


She is considered attractive by multiple parties, with Victoria believing she had the making of a model, and that it would be "not fair if [she weren't]".[6] Similarly people at the Fallen compound considered her attractive[7] with her appearance drawing looks.[8] Her parents were trying to convince her to marry someone. Rain also found her to be very attractive.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Is familiar with a gun.[9] Socially adroit able to deduce the numerous discussions that are going on about her future.



Had a fairly normal middle class background. going to Disney world when she was eleven. As well as having a time at camp.[10]

She and her family survived Gold Morning and moved into The City. Her family were not part of the Fallen, but, broken by the event they found themselves prey to the Endbringer Cult.[11]

Post-Gold Morning[]

Allegedly met Rain while running away from a riot.[3] The facts are likely more complicated.

Was at the Library with Rain helping him research Multi-trigger events.[12]


Picked Rain up after his latest therapy session where she met the new coach.[6] This gave Erin the chance to meet the former Glory Girl.[1]

Rain claimed she is trying to find a job.[13]

Met up with Rain after he attended his new groups training session.[14]

Post-Fallen fall[]

Thanked Rain while he was recovering from being attacked by Cradle.

Took time off to process.

Started assisted Hund family with recovery of their son.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Went to the mall with Breakthrough.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Welcomed Rain back from Earth Shin.[15]


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    “I am,” I said. “I was.”

    “Huh,” Erin said. “That’s really cool. Maybe I’ll see you around?”

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    “I appreciate you saying that, I’m not sure I see it though,” Rain said.
    “Having a friend with powers is pretty neat,” I said to Rain.

    “Yeah. For sure,” he said.

    “And while I don’t know you that well, you seem very thoughtful.”

    “And there’s the brooding, mysterious part of it,” Kenzie said. “Girls like that. You and Chris are similar like that.”

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    “And you connected.”

    “She was having a hard time, because y’know, she stands out when a lot of people are hurt and angry and looking to lash out. She went looking for a hiding place and she stumbled on my workshop. She’s been a real help, from before I even had the therapy, helping me get figured out, listening to me, helping me research. - Excerpt from Glare 3.4
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    “No thanks. Walking with a friend.”

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    of5: She is the friend. She is helping with technical side, searches.
    Heart_Shaped_Pupil: Hi friend! Thank you for being good to our R!
    of5: She at another computer now. I got her bored. I wouldn’t join this chat if she was watching.
    Heart_Shaped_Pupil: aw
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    “Yeah,” Rain said.

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    He must have asked something, because Erin shifted position, reaching through the window. A second later, she drew her hand out. She had a handgun.

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