Eric is a non-powered person working for the Wardens under Cinereal.


Eric made a very bad impression on Victoria, resulting in her thinking of him as a total asshole.


Eric is described as good looking, but not in the traditional sense. He has a large nose, with signs that it may have been broken at some point in the past. He has tan skin and brown hair with blonde highlights.[1]


Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Eric was assigned to interview Victoria Dallon by Cinereal. He got on her bad side with his uncompliant attitude and disparaging comments.


  • Eric shares his first name with Shielder.


  1. ‘Eric’ was a suit, roughly my age, jacket already removed and sitting on one of the nearby chairs. Good looking, in the way that the features that weren’t classically good looking added rather than distracted. In his case, it was a pronounced roman nose that was maybe one half-size too big, with a flat bit across the bridge suggesting it had been broken once and never set right. Tan skin, brown hair with blond highlights, a light purple dress shirt, black tie with a pin, black slacks, and nice black wingtips with a bit of scuffing at the toe, like he’d kicked something or nudged a dirty door open with his foot at one point. - Excerpt from Sundown 17.6

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