Epoch is the leader of the New York Adepts.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Described in Tattletale's files as a "time traveller",[1][2] Epoch is capable of rewinding, pushing forward, or pausing time by ten seconds. He uses this power to move things to where they were ten seconds ago, move things to where they're slated to be ten seconds in the future, or pauses things for up to ten seconds, releasing at a whim. Has some utility with this but he may be limited by how much he can independently effect.[3]


At some point, Epoch got into contact with Cauldron and paid a premium for a high-quality Cauldron vial.[3] He became the leader of the Adepts.[1][2]

At some point he encountered Grue, who developed a deep dislike for Epoch's type of ability.[3][4]



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