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Engel is a rare example of luckier Case 53 in the new world.


Sveta described Engel as beautiful inside and out, and very opinionated.[1] Egg described her more like a force of nature.[2]

Engel can come off as somewhat callous, tactless or self-indulgent,[3][4] those behaviors, likely, were not unlearned due to social effects of her power.



Engel and Sveta had a very strong relationship in the past. However, in the present day, Engel dislikes Sveta as a result of her past actions.[5]


Engel and Egg have a brother-sister sort of relationship.[6] Egg, however, has mixed feelings about her - simultaneously being grateful for her soothing companionship and material help, while not considering her truly reliable.[2]


Engel has hair that glows like light is shining from within each individual strand, and has skin that is textured in a way that only shows when light catches the edges of it.[7][8]

Abilities and Powers[]

Engel has a permanent master-aura, that forces anybody perceiving her into intense pleasurable synesthesia and somewhat infatuated state.[9][10] This can be an issue for people who have traumas related to these feelings.[11] It partially affects technology,[12] and can be transferred through cameras in weakened form.[13]

Engel also has a unique vision, that reveals things in the darkness but limits her ability to see things in light.[14]



Engel was experimented on by Cauldron, and turned into a Case 53 as a result.

Engel almost joined the Irregulars, but did not because life got in the way.[15]

She worked with Faultline’s Crew at least once. They did not get along.[16]

Post-Gold Morning[]

Adopted Egg some months after the event.[2]

At some point, Engel went to Teacher for help, but her unique vision revealed enough things that made her wary. Later, a young prisoner warned her off, which convinced her to leave for good.[17]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Engel started working with Semiramis, alongside Egg and Scraping. Originally, the plan was for them to normalize Case 53s in media, with Engel in particular to film a sex scene for a show; the first ever mainstream sex scene with a Case 53. However, this deal was disrupted when Teacher subtly clued her into the fact that Big Picture was involved.

These events lead to Victoria, Tattletale, and Sveta seeking her out for information on Teacher. As consequence, she had to be hidden in Wardens Bunker to evade Teachers attention.[18]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Sveta brought her alongside Egg to Shin during the second crisis to bribe Chris Elman into letting heroes inside his lab. While there Engel accidentally seduced Dot, and annoyed the shit out of the Red Queen.[19]

The Ice Breaks[]

Together with Egg she attended emergency power testing of Case 53s, arranged by The Wardens to see if any of them could be useful in the fight against the Titans.[4] She later joined the direct fighting and went along with other C53s against Titan Fortuna.[20]


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