The Endbringers were something we all understood.  A fact of reality, something that touched everyone, struck a chord of fear in cape and civilian alike.

Cell 22.4

The Endbringers are monstrous beings that take turn attacking locations around the globe to cause as much damage as they possibly can. Apparently unkillable, the Endbringers retreat to their respective domains to heal after they have sustained sufficient damage, only to attack again months later.


According to Tattletale’s power, the Endbringers were never human and have no vulnerable organs. Rather, the Endbringers appear to be made out of some type of a crystalline material. In addition, they consist of about 200 layers in the main body and 33 in the limbs, each one approximately twice as hard as the previous one. These layers surround its core, the only part of its body that is actually vital.

An Endbringer's skin is "hard as aluminum alloy, but flexible"; and its strength, toughness, and healing factor increase exponentially. 3% deeper in toward core of arms, legs, claws, tail, or .5% in toward core of head, trunk, neck, tissues are hard as steel. The tensile strength of the material roughly doubles with each layer, every 0.5% of the way towards the center of his body and every 3% of the way toward the center of their extremities; Wildbow has confirmed [1][2] that "extremities would take 30 trillion atmospheres of pressure to damage." The core of an Endbringer would require around five hundred and sixty novemdecillion[3] MPA of pressure; in practice, only parahumans capable of breaking the laws of physics can seriously harm an Endbringer.[4]

However, a concentrated attack with enough force to destroy the surface of a planet would be sufficient at killing an Endbringer in one shot.[5] While even an attack of that magnitude would not destroy all layers of the Endbringer body, enough energy to obliterate it instantly would be transmitted into the core, resulting in a 'definite kill'. In theory String Theory's Driver weapons pose a significant threat to the Endbringers. As a consequence they carefully plan their appearances as to eliminate any possibility of facing her in combat.[6]

Due to their density, Endbringers are immune to most teleporters. They count as living matter for the purposes of the Manton Effect.[7][8]Endbringer cores employ space-warping that interferes with some powers.[9] When they take damage they leak a thick ichor-like substance, suggesting a non-standard cardiac system. Their nervous system is also foreign enough to prevent body control powers from working. They regenerate quickly as well, even in the middle of a battle. The deeper layers regenerate faster because the material from the intact layers expands to fill in any damaged or missing areas.

Known EndbringersEdit


Main article: Behemoth

Behemoth — also known as "Hadhayosh" and "Prathama" — was the first Endbringer to appear, making its first appearance in the Marun Field of Iran on December 13, 1992[10]. It has the ability to manipulate multiple forms of energy (electrical, thermal, kinetic, and etc.) while bypassing the Manton Effect. Because of this, it gained a reputation as the 'hero killer,' possessing a high body count at short range.


Main article: Leviathan

Leviathan — also known as "Jormungand" or "Jörmungandr" — appeared in Oslo, Norway on June 9, 1996.[11] It has macro-hydrokinesis, speed, and a water "afterimage" that follows behind it and moves as fast as Leviathan itself. It was known for causing immense environmental damage, devastating areas such as Newfoundland and Kyushu to the point of uninhabitability.


Main article: Simurgh

The Simurgh — also known as "Ziz"[11] — appeared in Lausanne, Switzerland on December 30, 2002[10]. It has psionic abilities, precognition, and the ability to draw on Tinker powers around it in order to build its own Tinker devices. The Simurgh is known to adjust the events in places it attacks to set up the survivors to be "walking disasters" that happen days, months, or even years after. Affected areas were quarantined to try and mitigate these effects, such as in the case of Madison, Wisconsin.

Timeline of AttacksEdit

Date Endbringer Location
1992-12-13[12] Behemoth Marun Field, Iran
1993-07-06[12] Behemoth São Paulo, Brazil
1994-03-26[12] Behemoth New York, USA
1994-11-01[12] Behemoth Jakarta, Indonesia
1995-06-18[12] Behemoth Moscow, Russia
1996-01-03[12] Behemoth Johannesburg, South Africa
1996-06-09[12] Leviathan Oslo, Norway
1996-11-06[12] Behemoth Cologne, Germany
1997-04-23[12] Leviathan Busan, South Korea
1997-09-30[12] Behemoth Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998-01-18[12] Leviathan Sydney, Australia
1998-07-03[12] Behemoth Jinzhou, China
1998-12-25[12] Leviathan Madrid, Spain
1999-07-21[12] Behemoth Ankara, Turkey
1999-11-02[12] Leviathan Kyushu, Japan
2000-04-10[12] Behemoth Lyon, France
2000-09-16[12] Leviathan Naples, Italy
2001-02-25[12] Behemoth Vanderhoof, Canada
2001-07-06[12] Leviathan Hyderabad, India
2001-12-06[12] Behemoth Lagos, Nigeria
2002-04-23[12] Leviathan Shanghai, China
2002-08-20[12] Behemoth Bogotá, Colombia
2002-12-30[12] Simurgh Lausanne, Switzerland
2003-04-01[12] Leviathan Seattle, USA
2003-08-12[12] Simurgh London, UK
2003-10-03[12] Behemoth Lyon, France
data unavailable
2005-05-09[13] Leviathan[14] Newfoundland, Canada
data unavailable
2009-12-21[15][16] Simurgh Madison, USA
data unavailable
late 2010?[17] Behemoth ???
2011-02-24[18] Simurgh Canberra, Australia
2011-05-15[18] Leviathan Brockton Bay, USA


The first Endbringer, Behemoth, appeared in 1992 in the Marun oil field of Iran, beginning a series of attacks at various locations worldwide, spaced out by several months. The appearance of Behemoth was a major factor towards the creation of the PRT, which labelled the Endbringer as Case 2 in their case files.[19] For the Quattuorvirate, the presence of Behemoth, as well as the potential for future capes of his caliber, was also a major motivating factor for the formation of their team and the continued work of Cauldron.[20]

Over the next several years, the Endbringer attacks continued to escalate. Once Behemoth began to be "too predictable," the second Endbringer, Leviathan, appeared in 1996, in Oslo, Norway.[21] Worldwide defense efforts began to coordinate forces against Endbringer attacks; apparently in response to these efforts, in 2002, the third Endbringer, the Simurgh, made her first appearance, appearing docile at first before attacking and revealing herself to be an Endbringer.[22][21]

The three Endbringers continued their worldwide attacks over the next decade, creating immense destruction. An attack from Leviathan on Newfoundland sunk the entire island, killing the tinker Andrew Richter, whose creation Dragon later joined the Guild[23]; a separate attack from Leviathan sunk the island of Kyushu, despite resistance from Lung.[24] The benevolent tinker Sphere was turned into future Slaughterhouse Nine member Mannequin by an attack from the Simurgh; another Simurgh attack on Madison, Wisconsin brought the Travelers to Earth Bet, later bringing about the Echidna.[25]


The Endbringers have killed countless people in their attacks and wiped out several notable heroes. They have caused demographic and political shifts and environmental degradation on a scale not seen outside natural disasters. In addition to the physical damage and loss of civilian lives, their attacks have had the effect of killing or otherwise removing parahumans who served as luminaries and leaders willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, perhaps contributing to more prevalent cynicism and hopelessness in the general population.[26] Conversely, without the Endbringers there would be fewer parahumans than there would otherwise be, or a coordinated Cape community.[27][28]

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    But that’s only the major hits, the broad strokes of the brush and all the repercussions/spatter that follows from that. Attacks end in other ways, for example. Legend mentions mass loss of life. There’s economic damage that follows from that, disease and explosions in the population of vermin when a quarter million people die in a concentrated area.

    There’s the deaths of countless heroes, and how that biases things further towards the general villain population. If the selfless throw their lives away for the greater good and it’s primarily the selfish (or the very powerful) who are left, how does that skew things?

    And I should stress that weak points aren’t necessarily just areas which are geographically vulnerable. There’s places where there’s ongoing conflict (like we might point to the middle east over the past decade), places where it takes little effort on the part of the Endbringer to deal maximum devastation (ie. a nuclear power plant, military bases) and spots where a great many resources are invested (be they great minds collected in one place or major projects like Dr. Gramme’s major projects in trying to save the world). Did anyone else catch the mention of the water crisis? Leviathan isn’t always attacking cities, and the world has only so much accessible freshwater.

    I digress.

    To answer your question in the general sense? Relatively few places have been hit as hard as the major examples listed above. But figure this has been going on for 20ish years. Behemoth shows up in the early 90’s, attacking once a year, roughly (twice in 1994), Leviathan shows up in the mid 90’s (now we’re up to 2-3 Endbringer attacks a year), and Simurgh comes in just after the turn of the century (now 3-4).

    I mentioned in a comment during the Endbringer arc, but I said something like ‘Behemoth is the cape-killer and Leviathan levels cities’. Figure each Endbringer has attacked 16 to 20 times so far, account for the bias towards killing capes (Behemoth) vs. wiping out landscapes (Leviathan) and that Brockton Bay is pretty middle-of-the-road for the kind of aftermath you see, and maybe you can make an estimate.

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