The Endbringer Fight Memorial is a memorial to all of the capes that died in the fight against Leviathan during his attack on Brockton Bay, erected five days after the attack. It is located on Captain's Hill, at the base of the mountains to the west of the city.[1]

Description Edit

The Endbringer Fight Memorial is made of black marble with stainless steel in the core of the monument, so that the letters etched onto it stood out, with the overall shape forming an obelisk.[1]

Side One:

Side Two:

  • Impel / Corey Steffons
  • Iron Falcon / Brent Woodrow
  • Jotun /
  • Kaiser / Max Anders
  • Manpower / Neil Pelham
  • Mister Eminent /
  • Oaf / Wesley Scheaffer
  • Pelter / Stefanie Lamana
  • Penitent /
  • Quark / Caroline Ranson
  • Resolute / Georgia Woo
  • Saurian / Darlene Beckman

Side Three:

Underneath the list of names on the last side, Bitch etched the names KOOROW, BULLIT, MILK, STUMPY, BROOTUS, JOODUS, AXIL, and GINGIR, the names of her dogs who died during the attack.[1]

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