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The End of Glory Girl chronicles the mutilation, mutation and violation of Glory Girl by Panacea.

Prelude Edit

Several weeks after the Battle against Leviathan, Amy found a letter that proved that her birth father was an evil villain. The home invasion conducted by Bonesaw shattered Amy's self confidence when Mark's life was endangered and she was forced to heal his brain and defend herself. Emotionally drained, Panacea changed Glory Girl's cognition in a moment of weakness.[1]

Due to this, Glory Girl would later be critically injured by Crawler and Amy would decide to attempt to heal her, despite Victoria pleading her not to.

Panacea and the rest of the city's parahumans got caught up in the Slaughterhouse Nine's terrorist campaign. Bonesaw released her Agnosia Plague incapacitating everyone's teamwork abilities, Panacea was immune to this due to her powers.

Jack and Bonesaw confronted Panacea at Arcadia High, where Jack tried to convince her to cut loose.[2]

When Skitter attacked and was in danger of being killed by the more experienced Jack, Panacea intervened by, presumably, agreeing or threatening Jack, and Jack left.[3]

After healing Skitter, Panacea answered her questions claiming that she was going to heal Glory Girl. Though suspicious, Skitter left in her pursuit of Jack.[4]

Jack likely left Skitter alone because he thought Panacea agreed to his suggestion,[5] he has assistance when it comes to reading parahumans.[6] He also promptly forgot about it,[7] focusing on the End of the World.


Amy's description of her intentions in modifying Victoria lead one to think of rape and she did use her power to change Victoria's body, essentially mutilating her sister.

Tattletale eventually caved and told Lady Photon where her nieces were in exchange for New Wave being hands off with the Undersiders and the Travelers.[8]

In this loop Amy was found by her aunt, adoptive mother, and Miss Militia. She found herself in a dangerous mental state from this.[9]

She was in no fit state to repair the damage and restore Glory Girl.[10]

Regardless this was the 'end' of Glory Girl.

Aftermath Edit

Panacea flees to the Birdcage where she met her father and figured things out.

Victoria was placed in the Asylum where she made friends and figured herself out.

Panacea put memory blocks on her sister to keep her sane, it is not known if this was done before or after Victoria's body was restored.


  • It is important to note that Wildbow is a horror writer. While it can be presumed that Amy did sexually assault her adopted sister that is yet another crime in addition to her mutilation.
  • While it is unknown how much of this was storyline was planned the originals ending in the Drafts was considered too dark.[11] Just as a comparison.[12]


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    “That’s not really that convincing,” Panacea spoke, but she didn’t sound assertive.

    “I know. So I’ll offer you a deal. If you indulge yourself, we’ll surrender.”


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    A shout. Not Jack’s. I heard it again, the same words, but I couldn’t make them out. There was blood in my ears.

    I stumbled into the classroom, and Panacea was at my side in a moment. - Excerpt from Prey 14.10
  4. “She’s going to return to normal, though?”

    “Just a little more time. I have to ensure she’s totally together inside the cocoon, then disconnect her from it, and make sure she reaches a physical equilibrium afterward. Once I know she’ll recover…” she trailed off.


    “Go. You’re done. Go after Jack.”

    I hesitated. There was a look in her eyes, dark. She wasn’t meeting my gaze.

    I turned and ran. Atlas was waiting on the rooftop as I ascended the stairs. - Excerpt from Prey 14.10
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    On that last point, the Nine can be considered to be an [editing to add 'unconscious'] extension of Jack for all intents and purposes. To Imp, it's just a 'This feels like a bad idea, I'm going to do it anyway! Fuck, missed! Oh shit, ow! Well now I'm bleeding and, it's pretty damn serious. That must be why it felt like such a bad idea!'


    Take note of Jack's discussion of keystones in his first appearance. He's getting help in identifying points to manipulate, and then those points are getting nudged further in the broadcast. Communication is a two-way street. - Comments by Wildbow, archived on Spacebattles
  7. PaperPrayers: At the end of this arc, Jack left a note saying they left Brockton Bay per "agreement with Miss Amelia". On first read through I was confused about this, 'cause it was Tattletale who came up with the idea that the Nine should leave if more than one candidate survives testing, and since all the candidates survived the testing, it made sense. But why credit Amy?

    But after another read through of Worm, I remembered. Jack told Amy that if she broke her rules, the Nine would leave the city. Skitter forced Amy to break her rule to cure the agnosia plague. It took fifteen minutes for Skitter and Tattletale to reach the boat graveyard, so there would be enough time for the Nine to notice the effects of Amy's cure. Add in the fact that nothing suggested the Nine were done with recruiting after the plague was released, so there was a possibility that they were staying a bit longer...

    My question is: do you think Skitter forced the Nine to leave the city prematurely, thus potentially kicking off the end of the world?

    Wildbow: It was a tongue in cheek thing on Jack's part. - WB on reddit.
  8. Tattletale frowned. “I’m trying to think about what’s easiest to achieve while clearing up the most problems. I already got in touch with New Wave and got them to chill out for a bit.”

    “How’d you pull that?” Regent asked.

    “Lady Photon was wondering where her nieces went. I told her that Panacea was healing Glory Girl but she still wanted her space. [...] It isn’t true, or I should say it isn’t the whole truth, but we tried to reach Panacea and she turned us down again and again. It’s a shame, but what can you do?” - Excerpt from Colony 15.2
  9. WB on Reddit
  10. senevri:I’m not buying it.
    I mean, I had issues back with the leviathan situation with the total ignorance of aquatic invertebrates Skitter was displaying, but this?
    1. Even if Amy couldn’t fix her sister on her own, there’s no way she wouldn’t be able to create a viable human form.
    2. She’s their best shot at fixing, well a LOT of things. Whether she wanted it or not, shipping her into the Birdcage is like dumping a megaton of food and diamonds in the middle of the ocean. Or perhaps dumping a ton of refined uranium in the middle of north korea.

    Basically, the Idiot Ball and Conflict Ball are way too obvious here. The only reason for this to happen is because the plot demands removing a powerhouse like Panacea from the equation, and that’s not a believable reason.

    wildbow: #1

    Capable using her power? Yes.
    Capable given her mental state? No.


    More details on this later.- Discussion from Interlude 15.x
  11. Before I settled on Taylor as a protagonist, I wrote a lot of snippets, most characters showed up in one snippet or another. 'Guts and Glory' featured Amy and Victoria's story, told in full, and it basically reached the point you see here, except the PRT didn't send her to the Birdcage, which was the worse outcome. - WB on Sufficient Velocity.
  12. The first draft extended from the day that The Brockton Bay Brigade found Amy to the day she got her powers. Kind of unique among those early stories because it remained relatively unscathed through multiple drafts & the worldbuilding that followed. Almost to the point that I could point to it and call it all canon. This was where I first introduced the Nine. Jack (Jack Knife), Crawler (‘Skitter’) and Shatterbird (‘Breaker’) and Mannequin were all in the group, more or less as they are here, along with others that included Nice Guy and Murder Rat. Glory Girl got sliced up by Jack, Amy had her trigger event, healed her sister and the tide was turned enough that the Nine retreated for another day.

    The second draft took place much later. Amy discovers who her dad is, and much as she does in Worm, she begins breaking down, the facade she had up begins to crack. Marquis was introduced here, and the family was fleshed out.

    The third draft was pretty much an attempt to join the previous drafts together, with material to flesh them out and fill in the gap. Victoria’s relationship with Gallant was built here, but he was different. He had a friend who had the emotion reading ability (who was set up with Amy) while his own abilities were a little more offensive, and he played up the gentleman angle more. I tried my hand at the ending, decided it was too dark, and basically gave up on Guts and Glory at that point. - Comment by Wildbow on Prey 14.8

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