End of Days is a villain who can give people a glimpse of his namesake.


He looks like a hipster steampunk supervillain, with suspenders, a bald head, waxed mustache, and circular sunglasses.[2] He is in a good physical shape.[3]

As a fallen convert he has a tattoo on his arm.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

End of Days can target an individual with his power. From the affected individual's perspective, they are transported to a shadowy landscape for an indefinite period of time. The affected individual may experience anxiety as a side-effect of the power.[5]


He possesses unspecified tinker-tech.[1]




Had joined up with the Speedrunners.

Thanks to his power the heroes trying to stop the Fallen and Hollow Point villains from killing each other disappeared. Giving the two opposing groups another chance to kill each other.[5]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Joined Teacher alongside the other Speedrunners, and fought back against the heroes.[1]


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