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The Empire Eighty-Eight is a gang of white supremacists based in Brockton Bay.

Modus operandi[]

White supremacists who stand by those ideals. Unified in their hatred. To advance in the group, you need to grievously assault a non white.[1]


The Empire is primarily a hierarchy, with people like Allfather then Kaiser at the top with various lieutenants beneath them. Without the unifying influence of leaders like Kaiser, they were able to be separated with sufficient pressure.[2]

While other groups may have recruited from the same city, Kaiser recruited from other states or people came to him. Most didn't stay too long, but it made him the Brockton Bay resident with the most raw parahuman muscle.[3]

PRT Response[]

When their identities were unveiled to the public, the justice system and by extension the PRT started going after the organization's assets and members civilian identities. This included things like seizing children from their unfit mothers.



First formed with Allfather at its head, the Empire is a powerful organization that connects to several racist and white supremacist organizations around North America. It served as a rallying point for those around the country who felt disaffected by the country's multiculturalism.[4]

A junior member of the Empire killed a heroine and made his bones that way.[5]

Story Start[]

After Lung's capture, the Empire started to extend into the Docks.[6]

Following Bakuda's bombing spree, the Empire made a truce with the Merchants, the Undersiders, Faultline’s Crew and Coil to deal with her.[7] As part of this arrangement, the Empire split up for coordinated attacks with the other groups.[8]

After the dissolution of the Azn Bad Boys, Coil made his move on the Empire, releasing the civilian identities of every single cape in the Empire to the public. This would set off a chain of events that would eventually lead to the Empire's collapse.


Following the death of Kaiser in the battle against Leviathan, the Empire shattered. The remains of Empire Eighty-Eight split into two groups: Fenrir's Chosen and The Pure.[2]


Name Description
Allfather The founder of Empire Eighty-Eight. He carved out a place in the underworld.
Kaiser Took over after his father, presumably after his death. He was more "civilized" than his father. Died to Leviathan.
Iron Rain A potential successor to Allfather who was killed by an unknown person before she got her chance. Had a reputation as a savage.
Krieg Disappeared from Brockton Bay following the dissolution of the E88.
Hookwolf Has a reputation for being a killer. Founded Fenrir's Chosen. He later left the group and joined the Slaughterhouse Nine.
Purity Had left several years before. Came back fairly recently. Looped by Gray Boy.
Fenja Bodyguard and arm candy. Died to Leviathan.
Menja Bodyguard and arm candy. Was wounded by Lung, survived against Leviathan. Led Fenrir's Chosen after the departure of Hookwolf.
Crusader One man flying medieval squad. Subordinate in The Pure. Looped by Gray Boy.
Night Wife of Fog. Looped by Gray Boy.
Fog Husband of Night. Looped by Gray Boy.
Alabaster Subordinate. Stasis.
Stormtiger Subordinate. Alive. Joined Fenrir's Chosen.
Cricket Subordinate. Alive. Joined Fenrir's Chosen.
Victor Subordinate. Husband of Othala. Joined Fenrir's Chosen.
Othala Subordinate. Wife of Viktor. Joined Fenrir's Chosen.
Rune The youngest member and a powerhouse on her own. Joined Fenrir's Chosen.


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  4. It's worth stating that one of the underling ideas driving the formation of groups and ideological factions in the Wormverse is the notion that some people get a voice where they otherwise wouldn't. Give an immense amount of power to a (relatively) random section of the population and you'll see certain shifts in the overlying sentiments.

    All the more so when you think that a parahuman with aspirations might latch on to an idea, concept, or group to get reputation, resources, and contacts. - Comment by Wildbow on Sufficient Velocity
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