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Ellisburg was a town taken over by the supervillain Nilbog. As such, it is designated as Site Q4.[2]


Ellisburg was a relatively ordinary mid-sized Northeastern town with a population of about five thousand people and one movie theater.[3]



  • ~5000 People
    • Mayor
    • Police chief
    • Visiting Law Enforcement
    • Jamie Rinke


  • Nilbog
  • Myriad monsters, glorious goblins, cherished children
    • Tall ones: long-limbed Hunters using bone spears
    • Big head girl: explosive
    • Lizard boy: venom spitter
    • Rhino-like siege form
    • Polka

Cultural notes[]

The goblins of goblin town have an interesting social structure. Like the humans they were created from, they have language and tastes.[4]

They love and revere their king, following his directions in all things.[5]

In death, they know that King Rinke will recycle them into new and useful forms and are content.[6] [4]

Their biology allows them to enjoy more myriad pleasures than mere humans can comprehend.[7]



Ellisburg was a typical small American town situated in New York. Then, in 2001, Jamie Rinke had a trigger event, followed by a crime spree that lasted the span of a few days. Ellisburg disappeared from the grid, with no communication or power and no cars or people leaving the area. The authorities sent a small force of heroes, who gave a brief report before defaulting to radio silence.

After an attempt to send in cameras failed, a squad of PRT officers were sent in to take out Jamie Rinke, who they pegged to be a high level Changer.

They were beset by creatures pulled from the most fantastic dreams and the most horrible nightmares. They retreated, unable to stop the creatures' creator, Rinke, who now called himself Nilbog. Who had successfully killed all the inhabitants and made replacements from their corpses. His 'children.'


The city was walled in by the PRT,[1] whose Thinkers warned them that Nilbog had created countermeasures should they bomb or find some other way to attack Ellisburg.


Ellisburg was maintained in a state resembling a fantasy kingdom by Nilbog's creatures. In order to protect his Kingdom and its children Nilbog fortified it, adding deterrent organisms. These efforts were detected by the PRT and was one of the many reasons they did not remove him.[8]


Things continued in this state for over ten years until the Slaughterhouse Nine returned after a two year stasis.

The children paid host to five foreigners over the course of hours even putting on a banquet and entertainment.[7] This was inconsistently appreciated.

Nilbog was kidnapped by Jack Slash, causing his children to riot.[9]

Forces of the Protectorate attempted to contain the threat.

Post-Gold Morning[]

It was believed by the public that the denizens of Ellisburg were on the loose.[10] They were trying to scramble and make a living while fighting everyone else.[4]

A Queen would later lend some of the king's former subjects aid.[11]


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    Wildnow: I find there's a trend, and you definitely see it highlighted in PRT quest, but you see it in arguments like this too.

    The first mistake people make is forgetting the person involved. Nilbog was a human once, who watched TV and rented movies. He was lonely, odd, but fairly intelligent.

    He has a sense about nuclear weapons. He knows about armies and all that. Crazy as he becomes, he retains that.

    That's the first mistake. Forgetting that there's a man there, spending weeks and days with his creations, he loves them, they're his art, his existence. But he has his good moments, and he has his depressive, paranoid moments, where he thinks about how they're dying a little faster every generation, and that there's a very real possibility that people might try to assassinate him, or take his creations away from him by fire, gun, or bomb.

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    They think about leaving him alone, and they get a response of "Yellow", "Three" "Poisoned apple trees, sir." from the same three thinkers.

    They leave him alone, they keep a close eye on him, they have research teams and tinkers work on developing ideas that might get a response from the thinkers that isn't quite so grave, and they keep things quiet, so the public doesn't realize how dangerous that particular situation really is. - Comment by Wildbow on Spacebattles
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    “I’ve seen the work she does,” Sveta said.
    “My Red Queen has fixed a few of my kind. Big ones, weird ones. She could fix you. She can make you just as wonderful in shape and strong enough you don’t need the body.” - Excerpt from Gleaming 9.8

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