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Eidolon (pronounced “eye-DOE-luhn,” rhymes with “colon”)[3] is one of the founding members of the Protectorate and the leader of the Houston Protectorate. He is generally considered to be the strongest parahuman and the fifth-strongest being on the planet, the first four being Scion and the Endbringers.[4]


He's described as a quiet man, with a calm voice, brimming with the strength of his power, often making people around him feel intimidated.

His sole purpose in life is to help as many people as possible and help in the End of the World scenario - an event for which he is preparing his whole cape life, describing it as his legacy.[5]

He is also responsible for majority of increase in the strength of Endbringers


Eidolon has an overwhelming reputation given that he's generally reckoned to be the fifth most powerful being on the planet.[6] People tend to resent his personality, but his sheer power and past records earned him great respect.[7]

Appearance & Equipment[]

Eidolon wears a blue-green[8] or possibly green-white[9][10] skintight suit, with a heavy hood and cape built in and sleeves that drape over his hands. The interior of his hood and sleeves are filled with a soft green[8] or possibly blue-green light.[11][12] There was body armour hidden beneath the costume that gave the illusion of muscle.[12]

His face is covered by an opaque, glassy helm similar to Clockblocker's[13][12][14] but glowing blue-green.[12][15][16] His eyes were faintly visible behind the mask.[12][16] The glow from his mask is provided by LEDs.[17]

When not dressed up as Eidolon, he is a middle-aged man, with thick eyebrows, thinning hair and heavy cheeks, big nose and ears. People were often struck by how normal, even slightly ugly he looked without his mask.[18][15][19]

His suit included a camera that recorded footage of his fights for later.[20]

Abilities and Powers[]

He has the ability to equip himself with a tremendous array of varied powers but is limited to holding a few at the same time. He typically uses three, though he can take more at the cost of potency if required.[21] The powers he chooses take time to build up, but within minutes he can match the strength of veteran users of the same abilities.[22]

Even though his power is one of the strongest, he does not have much control over it.[23] He is limited to holding tighter to or discarding given powers, which are selected by his shard in accordance with what it perceives David needs.[24][25] As a consequence, Eidolon does not have enough awareness of his complete repertoire of powers.

His powers' potency, however, has been slowly weakening over time. Powers he summons take longer to build up and reach max strength, their maximum strength isn't as great as they should be or once were,[26] and he's losing access to more powerful abilities like Matter Destruction.[5] This leads him to look for a sense of challenge, in order to seek the untapped well of power he can feel when he is fighting.[27] In the meantime, he's been using Cauldron vials as booster shots.[28] Eidolon speculated that Ignis Fatuus was not as restricted as he was, and perhaps if Glaistig Uaine claimed his power, she would not be as well.[5] Skitter, however, speculated that Ignis Fatuus was enhancing his power using a variant of Scapegoat's power.[29]

He is later able to restore his energy reserves by digging up the power to sense and drain the shards of other parahumans, based on advice given to him by Glaistig Uaine.[5]

While Eidolon can access a huge berth of abilities he does not gain much individual proficiency with his abilities. Thus it is possible for him to do things like concuss himself on forcefields he created. He does not develop the instinctual connection other parahumans have with their powers.

Eidolon’s some kind of exception, on a lot of levels. His power works by different vectors, the innate limits aren’t there… something broke, and I’m betting the Endbringers are tied to it. Like, this entity is fissioning off into countless fragments that impregnate hosts and somehow a little extra gets tacked on. Or Cauldron’s method of replicating the fragments gets that little extra.


Glaistig Uaine referred to Eidolon's shard as the "High Priest".[30] It is the Thinker's counterpart shard to the Warrior's Queen Administrator.[31]

Relation to Endbringers[]

Eidolon is the unwitting creator of the Endbringers, due to his lack of active control over his power. It is suspected that the power acted on his subconscious need to engage in fights against enemies on his power-level. This may be due to his psychological issues of inferiority complex from his background. In addition, it is not certain whether he actually created the Endbringers, or if they were pre-made by Eden and his power just brought them forth after her 'death'. This is supported by their appearance in the Eden's interlude chapter, which contains a vision of the future as intended by the Entities.

The hints on the origin of the Endbringers were not present until late in the story, but then several convincing clues appeared:

The first clue is the words uttered by Scion and David's reaction to them: 'You needed worthy opponents'.[32][25] After Eidolon's death Simurgh, Khonsu, Tohu, Bohu, and Leviathan began behaving in an erratic manner.[33]

Secondly, Eidolon, who is repeatedly seen as a religious man, fits the Abrahamic nature of the design of the Endbringers.

Similarly, after the Undersiders and Protectorate approach the Simurgh, Tattletale and Defiant discuss the topic:

“He’s really their creator?” Defiant asked. “Eidolon?”

“…Sixty percent sure."

Cockroaches 28.4

The final clue is Simurgh's weapon, which after the Gold Morning contained a male fetus "With large ears and a large round nose. Not attractive, as babies went."[34], which matches the general description of Eidolon.

In the sequel Fortuna's crystals display a version of the future where Simurgh overtakes dominant Titan network and summons more Endbringers using the shade of Eidolon.[35]



David was born with a severe illness and was confined to a wheelchair for most of his life, facing regular seizures.

Before being approached by Doctor Mother he wanted to become more independent, applied to the army and was subsequently turned down, which made him try to commit suicide.[5]

When Eidolon gained his powers, he was one of a rare few who did not forget the vision of the Entity they saw. Doctor Mother speculated that his passenger had not been limited, unlike most powers.[36]

As Eidolon, he was a founding member of the Protectorate. After Hero's death, he became the leader of a smaller team based in Houston.[37]

In 2009 at Madison, Eidolon was a major part in fighting The Simurgh off and was recognized as such.[38]

Battle against Leviathan[]

During the fight he worked with Myrddin to mitigate the effects of tidal waves created by the Endbringer, along with helping the wounded heroes.[39] After Scion makes the appearance Eidolon helps pin down Leviathan with the manipulation of the water, freezing it into walls around the Endbringer.[40]

New Delhi[]

During the whole encounter, he's noted as being at the epicenter of the fight along with Legend and Alexandria.

At the beginning of the fight, he works in coordination with Legend to slow down the Endbringer's movement. After Alexandria's (Pretender) arrival he adopts more of a hit-and-run approach with a melee powerset and a time bubble slowing down Behemoth's movement, to help Alexandria's own efforts in hitting the Endbringer hard enough to topple and drive him back. Their coordinated efforts are noted to throw Behemoth off his game and with the help of Clockblocker's frozen strings they are able to deal substantial damage to his body.

He's involved in Weaver's and Phir Se plan of killing the Endbringer. He creates an inviolable forcefield, which contains Phir Se's light to an area surrounding Behemoth. In the final stand in the Temple, he creates a green field around the structure, which keeps it from collapsing.

After Scion's arrival, Eidolon helps keep the Endbringer from retreating, arresting his momentum in the sky with a violet forcefield and he stands witness to the destruction of Behemoth with Scion's golden light.[41]


Tried to help against the Slaughterhouse Nine Hold Apartment Hostage but was turned away by Weaver, who pointed out that while she could be put down if she became evil, Eidolon would be much harder to contain.[42]

Gold Morning[]

Eidolon participated in the oil-rig battle alongside the rest of the Triumvirate.[43] Glaistig Uaine taught him how to drain other parahumans, bringing him back to his peak strength. Together, they drove Scion across dimensions. Scion, increasingly hard-pressed, used his path-to-victory ability to convince Eidolon to give up.[5] Glaistig Uaine harvested Eidolon's shard[44] keeping him in the fight.

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Tangle 6.1 Absent
2. Tangle 6.2 Absent
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1. Extermination 8.1 Debut
2. Extermination 8.2 Appears
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z. Interlude 8.z Absent
1. Sentinel 9.1 Absent
2. Sentinel 9.2 Absent
3. Sentinel 9.3 Mentioned
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1. Parasite 10.1 Absent
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x. Interlude 10 Absent
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y. Interlude 13 Screen
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1. Crushed 24.1 Appears
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x. Interlude 27.x Point of View
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1. Venom 29.1 Absent
2. Venom 29.2 Spirit
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5. Speck 30.5 Spirit
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1. Teneral e.1 Mentioned
2. Teneral e.2 Absent
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5. Teneral e.5 Absent
x. Interlude: End Absent


  • "Eidolon" can mean an unsubstantial image, an ideal, or an idealized figure.
  • For many many drafts, Eidolon was simply "Mary Sue", a woman who had an idolization aura on top of Eidolons powers. Wildbow made the change to Eidolon relatively recently in the drafts.
  • He does have the ability to use tinker powers but his access to other powers and the long term element inherent in tinker powers vs. something like a blaster power of the same utility factors into their negligible use.[45]

Fanart Gallery[]


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    When the question inevitably got to who was the strongest, the ‘big five’ were generally ruled out, in the sense of ‘well, yeah, but besides them‘. Scion got counted as a part of that group because the powers he did have were head and shoulders above just about everyone else’s. Eidolon was almost the opposite, because he had every power, though he could only hold on to a handful at a time. Then there were the Endbringers, because they mandated situations like this, where even Scion or Eidolon plus multiple teams of capes weren’t necessarily enough.

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    But Eidolon? They came away from meetings with Eidolon feeling like they’d never be good enough, not wanting to see him again. In some of the files I’d been given in the big file dump I’d negotiated for, I’d read that a lot of people with sensitive or shaky powers had felt like their powers didn’t like Eidolon. Anecdotal evidence said Scion hadn’t, even.

    Thing was, dislike or no, however instinctual or proud or resentful that dislike was, one couldn’t hold onto that after that one video of Eidolon, holding a bridge up during a disaster, too preoccupied to stop a building from falling down nearby… then shore up the bridge, reverse time to save the building and its occupants, shore up the building, and move on, like it was fucking nothing. Didn’t watch Eidolon taking one shot to execute a supervillain the Kings Men had been trying to keep occupied for an hour, not three seconds after appearing on the scene. Most of that had been early in his career. But it counted, he wore the deeds like some wore capes.

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    Wildbow: That, or his power has a catch. 😉 - Excerpt from Plague 12.4
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    "Naturally so. Plotting, raising the faerie up as objects for worship. They are chosen, cultivated, as the situation demands, to suit the world outside, to best manipulate it. The pantheon in the temple."
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  37. Around the time that they were a group, they were simply 'the Protectorate' or 'the guys at the top'. You could say, perhaps, that the loss of Hero splintered the team. They didn't hate each other or resent each other, but it was about time, and served as the catalyst to the group each going to their own individual cities - New York, LA, & Houston. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit
  38. In the aftermath, he gets a lion's share of the credit in the Endbringer defeat like Eidolon did with the Simurgh in Madison. - Comment by wildbow on Reddit
  39. Excerpt from Extermination 8.3
  40. Excerpt from Extermination 8.5
  41. Interlude 24.x
  42. Sting 26.3
  43. Extinction 27.5
  44. Venom 29.2
  45. Tinkering takes time and brainpower. Eidolon ~could~ get into it, but his power swaps out often enough that it's not worthwhile, and he could just get a power to do much the same thing. GU has ghosts like Bakuda, but they operate distinctly from one another, and don't really merge specialties. Generally it's going to be the same as Eidolon - she'll have one spirit provide the materials and her bakuda spirit puts it together into something slapdash, and that's what she uses. Anything else is arguably a waste of time, unless she's fabricating specialized materials or gear for her costume or whatever else. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit

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