Effervescent is a hero working for Foresight in the City.


Effervescent comes off as pretty stand-offish to Victoria, on one occasion refusing to shake her hand.[1]

She has substance abuse problems.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Effervescent is an emotion manipulator with an emphasis on stunning people.[3]

She can read peoples emotions en masse and at significant range[4] or act as lie detector.[5]

Effervescent was unable to get a consistent read on Victoria or Mr. Drowsing[6], likely due to their own master powers.




Effervescent is first introduced during Victoria Dallon's interview with Foresight. There, Effervescent comments how, while better than most when it comes to getting a read on people, they are unable to get a consistent read on Victoria. She surmises it might be due to her emotion manipulating powers. This uncertainty is a contributing factor to them voting 'no' to offer her a space on their team.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Met with Victoria and Tattletale, and discussed possible recruitment interference in regards to Ratcatcher and Big Picture.

Effervescent moved into The Wardens Bunker on semi-permanent basis, since she was not able to maintain conspiracy due to personal reasons.[2] She assisted in arresting Orchard and Victoria's later dealings with Mr. Bough.[5]

She was present during the assembly of the second team aiming for Teacher's stronghold.[7]


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