Edict was an independent hero working with Licit in Stafford, New Hampshire.


Tired, not suited to the hero life,[3][4] and frustrated about random nature of her power.[5]

According to Licit, she professed a degree of unrequited compassion to Damsel of Distress[6]


As an adult she prefers a less flashy, more casual style of costume then a typical cape.[7]

Carries a handgun, taser, and restraints.[8]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Edict can give one-word commands to any single target within earshot. If the commands are actions that take three seconds or less, failure to obey causes a variety of consequences, while if the commands cannot be done that quickly, they can be canceled out by starting the action.[8][9]

Failure to obey Edict's commands can cause colorblindness, hiccups, sneezing fits, tics, mutism, a temporary wound, falling, clumsiness, a disabled limb, paranoia, hallucinations, confusion, amnesia, blindness, mental deficits, general malaise, a trigger event or power flaw,[8] mental grief, minor stroke-like symptoms, hallucinations, amnesia, compulsive tics, etc.[10] The form of "penalty" is unpredictable.[8][11]

These effects tend to fade after a few hours,[1] with some notable and tragic exceptions.[4]



Edict had a brief career as a Protectorate cape named Tongue-Tie, but she decided her unreliable power and personality made her unfit to be a heroine after she killed someone.[4] She rebranded with a new name and costume, operating as a semi-independent hero with her partner Licit in Stafford, New Hampshire.[8]

Edict has a young child stemming from a teen pregnancy, this interferes with her patrols and general cape life hard.[8]

Boston GamesEdit

Edict and Licit were assisting Director Armstrong with his efforts to pacify Damsel of Distress. However once troubles started brewing in bigger Boston, she scampered out of their sight. So, as only remaining capes in the town they have no choice, but to follow.[3]

Edict confronted Damsel within a day of the villain arriving, but was thwarted by her freshly recruited henchmen.[12]

Story StartEdit

Edict and Licit eventually began an on-again, off-again romance.[8]


When the Slaughterhouse Nine visited Stafford, Edict and Licit were unable to stop them from recruiting Damsel of Distress.

Gold MorningEdit

Participated as other capes did.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Met Ashley again. They found surprising commonalities.[2]


  • Before Ward came out, there was no specific information about her children.


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