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Date posted 2 June 2018
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Eclipse x.8 is the eigth chapter of the Eclipse Interlude Arc. Damsel returns to Stafford, finds life has gone on, meets The Nine waiting for her, loses her forearms and more. Ashley reminisces, meets her other self, they discuss memories.



Years after the Boston games Damsel returns to Stafford post-Leviathan, she had been on a trip to Mirelles and had gotten very sick after a fight. Drained she finds the stoner kids and catches up with them and finds out that they're all going their separate ways. Fappy asks if they should have tried to include her more, Damsel shrugs and walks away.

She sees a van like the one that had appeared earlier. She finds the Slaughterhouse Nine waiting for her. Thinking she will be able to turn on them at any time they attack and forcible recruit her hacking off her forearms in preparation for 'upgrading' her.

Later, as part of the perks for joining the Nine she leads an attack on Accord's base. She finds Blasto there and is killed by Defiant who she doesn't recognize.[1]

Ashley remembers all of her many deaths, metaphorical and physical. Come gold morning two 'sisters' look at each other and talk about what it means.


Ashley meets her other self also Ashley. Damsel comments on Swansong's short hair. They talk about what happened since they saw each other last, Ashley thinks on their differing choices.

Ashley bids adieu to Jester, who had escorted her in.

They discuss where their memories come from, how Bonesaw put them together. They both describe memories of a great plain of red-black crystal.

Major EventsEdit

  • Damsel is forcibly recruited into the Slaughterhouse Nine.
  • Swansong placed in Prison pending trial.


  • Damsel was rendered mute when she was originally upgraded.
  • In a moment of irony Damsel was killed by the same cape she complimented in a discussion 4 years ago. She could not identify him in his new identity.
  • The attack on Accord and kidnapping of Blasto is the impetus for the later attack on Toybox and the developments from there.





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